Work on Stewart Avenue – Reducing the Impact of Traffic

Following a period of consultation, the county’s Director of Environment and Transport along with local and lead members have approved works to construct traffic calming measures which are now scheduled to begin on 30th May.

The scheme is included in the 2010 /11 Transportation Capital Programme under the Local Transport Plan objective of “Reducing the Impact of Traffic” (RIOT).

Forest Road and Stewart Avenue are key routes between Narborough and Enderby.

Both roads are increasingly being used as  “Rat Runs” to get from the B4114 to Grove Park and Fosse Park.

Per day, approximately 5858 vehicles use Forest Road and 4310 vehicles use Stewart Avenue.
Both roads are subject to a 30mph speed limit, but recorded 85%tile speeds along these roads are in excess of 35mph.

The proposed scheme addresses the inappropriate speeds of some drivers and consist of the introduction of nine sets of speed cushions at various locations along the length of Forest Road and Stewart Avenue. (See plan here)*

Anyone wishing to discuss the scheme can contact Transport Schemes Development in the following ways.

Telephone number 0116 305 0001 or Email

*The use of this plan is limited to viewing on-line and printing one copy only.

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