Unite for a better internet

Leicestershire Police is taking the message of how we can all make the internet a safer place out to the public at Leicester’s Highcross Shopping Centre on Tuesday 7 February.

The force has been building up to the national Safer Internet Day (SID) during the past few days, through social media posts, and will have officers on hand on the day to give advice and support from 11am until 6pm.

This year, Leicestershire Police is focusing its SID campaign on stopping bullying and online harassment and making the internet a safe and comfortable place, particularly for children and young people.

Parents, carers, educators, social care workers, businesses, decision makers and politicians are being asked to do their bit to help to provide a better internet.

Children are also asked to help by, for example, by being kind and respectful to other people using the internet, protecting their own online reputations (and those of other people) and looking for positive opportunities to create, engage and share online.

Steps internet users can take include:

  • parents and carers keeping an eye on their child’s online activity, behaving positively themselves when online and reporting any inappropriate or illegal content they find
  • educators and social care workers equipping children and young people with the digital literacy skills they need
  • businesses creating and promoting positive content and safe services online, providing clear safety advice and easy-to-use safety tools as well as quick access to support
  • decision makers and politicians ensuring children can learn about online safety through the school curriculum, ensuring parents and carers can access the information and support they need, and that the correct governance and legislation is in place

Sam Hancock, Cyber Protect Officer for Leicestershire Police said:

“There is no place online for bullying or harassment. Officers at our information stand will provide advice and support to help people challenge anyone acting in a negative and harmful manner online.

“Using the internet should be a safe, informative and fun experience for children and young people and each of us has a responsibility to make sure we do our bit to make that possible.”

Information about online safety is published on the Leicestershire Police website at: leics.police.uk/onlinesafety

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