Twinning Association Plaque Unveiled

At noon on Thursday August 30th 2018, Enderby Civic Centre was the venue for an important event when Enderby Twinning Association commemorated the official English signing of the Twinning Charter between Enderby Parish Council and the Town Council of Le Haillan 30 years ago.

Members of the Twinning Association and guests gathered in the Civic Centre to celebrate the historic signing of 27th August 1988. Also present was Mr. Brian Cooper, past Chairman of Enderby Parish Council, who signed the charter on behalf of Enderby 30 years ago.

The French signing ceremony was held in France the year before (1987) and together the treaties formalised the connection between the two towns.

The ‘entente cordiale’ between the two civic bodies had been developing in  previous years through the Brockington College School Exchange and many adults in the area will remember their exchange visits of long ago with nostalgia.

Addressing those present,  Twinning Association Chair Peter Hurst welcomed everyone to the celebration and pointed out framed copies of both charters which are displayed on the wall. Mr. Hurst said that both communities had visited each other every year since the establishment of the charters and it had been a wonderful experience for all those taking part.

Peter Hurst points to charters on display in the Civic Centre

He went on to say that both associations had taken the opportunity to learn from each other and both shared a sense of history, culture and culinary heritage and gaining “…empathy and a deep understanding of ourselves”.

Gifts had been exchanged over the years and Mr. Hurst pointed to the wine press that sits in the Small Hall and reminded everyone of the ‘red telephone box’ which currently resides on a roundabout in Le Haillan.

Le Haillan’s red telephone box

In May of this year, members of the Enderby Twinning Association visited Le Haillan and on behalf of Enderby Parish Council presented a plaque to the Mayor, Mme Andréa Kiss, together with a framed photograph of members of the Association with members of the La Haillan Jumelage taken during their formal visit to Enderby last year.

During the short ceremony a plaque was unveiled by the current Chair of Enderby Parish Council, Nigel Grundy, testifying that on 27th August 1988 the Twinning Charter was signed in Enderby Civic Centre by Brian Cooper, at that time the Chairman of Enderby Parish Council and Georges Ricard, Mayor of Le Haillan.

photo: plaque unveiling
Enderby Parish Council Chairman Nigel Grundy unveiled the plaque

Mr. Grundy said that it was an honour and a privilege to represent the Parish Council in celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Twinning Association. In this day and age when both ‘tradition’ and traditional values appear to fall by the wayside, it is fantastic that the Twinning Association is as strong as ever after 30 years. “I have no doubt”, said Mr. Grundy, “that the enthusiasm I can see from the members here today will keep it running and strong for many years to come”.

In addition to the unveiling of the plaque, a framed photograph of the Twinning Association and Jumelage members taken during their visit to Enderby in May 2017 was hung in the Small Hall along side a photograph of the original members of the Enderby Association.

The formal proceedings were followed by a small reception.

Most twinning associations have a lifespan of between 8 and 12 years so it is a
tribute to the hard work of the committee members of the Enderby association,
working on behalf of the Parish Council over many years, that it has been so
successful for so long.