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Overnight closure of Station Road, Narborough

virginmediaLeicestershire County Council Highways Department has agreed to the closure of Station Road, Narborough, between Coventry Road, and Riverside Way.

It is proposed that he road will be closed overnight, on an unspecified number of nights, between 22.00 hours and 05.00 hours.

Work will commence on the 3rd May 2016 and last for up to 14 nights.

The closure will safely allow contractors to install Virgin Media equipment in the highway.

During the closure the alternative route will be signed on site, see the map linked-to below:

Click here to download/view map showing diversion and signage details

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For further information contact:
AFL Global
01344 208943, or
Leics Highways
0116 305 0001

Revised date for King Street closure

virginmediaIn a press release issued today by the Environment and Transport Department of the County Council, the Department has given notice of a revised date for closure of King Street to facilitate cabling work.

As originally reported in Enderby EYE in February, the above road was due to be closed on Sunday the 13th March.

Unfortunately, these works did not take place due to the traffic management company failing to organise their workforce.

The contractors, AFL Global, have apologised for this, and requested to close King Street again on Sunday the 3rd April 2016.

In order to hasten their works in Enderby, the County Council have agreed to this revised date.

The road will be closed between 08.00 hours and 19.00 hours.

In the statement all parties apologise for any inconvenience this delay has caused.

See the map below.

king street works

For further information contact:
AFL Global Ltd Tel: 01344 208921
Leics Highways Tel: 0116 305 0001

Enderby roads will close to enable cabling operation

virginmediaThe programme of cabling-up the highways throughout Enderby with fast, ‘fibre optic to the premises’ is pushing ahead on schedule.

Seven local roads (listed below) will be closed at points during March and April.

The programme is part of the Government’s push to extend the reach of superfast broadband throughout the country.

In many cases, the existing ‘fibre to the cabinet’ infrastructure means that the fast speeds offered by fibre optic cable extend to the familiar ‘green’ street cabinets but thereafter rely on the copper telephone lines to deliver the service to the customer.

In order to bring the fibre optic cable to customers’ premises it is necessary to lay new cabling – and that process has not been without controversy in Enderby. To date, cabling the narrow, often congested roadways has been challenging. That was perhaps inevitable but there were also issues around the making-good of ground once the cable had been laid.

Focus on these issues is likely to become more intense as the cabling programme moves into the older. narrower areas of the village.

The partner firms responsible for the cabling operation are aware of the concerns and have taken steps to mitigate the disruption as much as possible.

In order for Virgin Media to install the cabling throughout the village, Leicestershire County Council Highways has agreed to the closure of the roads listed below during March and April.

Affected roads:

Conery Lane
7th March – 15th March.

King Street
Sunday 13th March 1 day only.

Chapel Street
21st March – 27th March.

High Street
28th March – 3rd April.

The Cross and Cross Street
4th April – 11th April.

Moores Lane
11th April – 18th April.

For further information, contact:
AFL Global Ltd
01344 208921
Leics Highways
Tel: 0116 305 0001