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Theives attack vehicles for tradesman tools

force-website-vehicle-crime-banner-jpg-340x340_q85Reports are reaching the EYE concerning an increasing number of thefts from vehicles in the Enderby and Narborough areas.

It comes at that time of year when Leicestershire Police are urging vehicle owners to think about their vehicle security during the darker nights. It follows a sharp increase in thefts from cars and vans.

Detective Inspector Helen Nurse, the force lead for vehicle crime recently said:

“There has been an increase in all types of thefts from vehicles across the force area.

“Some of the vehicles have had their windows smashed or their locks forced but others have been left insecure.

“Thieves are trying car doors and stealing items such as laptops, wallets and sat navs which have been left on display.

“These offences typically take place overnight when owners have left their vehicles on a driveway or on the road. We are urging vehicle owners not to leave anything on display. Our message is clear ‘leave it on show, expect it to go’.”

However, at a time when local councils are operating street lights with lower luminance and even switching them off during the night, it seems like vehicle owners need to be extra vigilant and observe simple precautions such as not leaving property on show or leaving valuable equipment in commercial vehicles.

A concerning trend appears to be lack of damage or obvious forced entry.

Enderby resident Kelly Dobson told the EYE:

“There has been an influx of vehicles being broken into in the Enderby/Narborough area and tradesman’s equipment being stolen in the last few days.

My partner and another tradesman on our street have been victim to this also. We have spoken with the police and they have explained that this is rife at the moment.

Both vans were left with no apparent damage to the doors used to break in, and there is speculation from the police that they have a master key or a device that make access to the vehicles very easy and quiet!

I would hate for other tradesman to be robbed of their livelihoods in this way, as it is absolutely devastating for my partner, both financially and emotionally.”

To help protect your vehicle against thieves, Leicestershire Police are giving the following advice:

  • leave it on show expect it to go! Always remove valuables from your vehicle
  • remove sat navs including the support cradle and cables. Wipe away any suction pad marks
  • don’t leave tools in vans overnight
  • make sure that doors are locked, windows are closed and keys are removed when you leave the car, even if it’s only for a moment
  •  on icy mornings, never leave your vehicle unattended with the engine running
  • park your vehicle in a well-lit spot that is visible to others, or covered by CCTV
  • if you have a garage, use it. Always lock your vehicle and garage
  • consider fitting a metal cage to your catalytic convertor or have it etched
  • register any vehicle equipment such as CD players, in-car DVD players, and sat navs for free with immobilise.com



Braunstone police warn motorists not to leave items on show

Police CarPolice in Braunstone are urging motorists not to leave items on show after a number of thefts from motor vehicles in the area.

Recently, five vehicles have had damage caused to the lock barrels where someone has tried to break in to them.

On all five occasions it was Peugeot’s that were targeted.

Witnesses have reported seeing a man on a bike leaving the area at the time of the offences which have been happening overnight.

PC 4220 Leanne Aldridge, from the Braunstone and Thorpe Astley Dedicated Neighbourhood Team said:

“Although we urge all motorists to ensure they remove valuables from their cars, we would like to advise Peugeot drivers in particularly to be extra vigilant and not to leave anything of value in their car.

“We would also urge anyone who sees anything suspicious in the area to report it by calling 101.”

Magistrates say benefit cheat who narrowly avoided jail is “a very lucky man”

Benefit Fraud graphicFather-of-two, Ben Lally, 27, from Thorpe Astley, who dishonestly claimed nearly £10,000 from Blaby District Council over 3 ½ years, has narrowly avoided jail.

Ben Lally was sentenced at Leicester Magistrates Court 6th March 2015, having pleaded Guilty to 9 charges of benefit fraud at an earlier hearing.

Between June 2010 and March 2014, Lally falsely claimed £7,421.06 in Housing Benefit, £1,381.82 Council Tax Benefit and a further £681.51 in Council Tax Support. During that time, he under declared his earnings and provided counterfeit pay slips, forged letters & certificates of earnings from his employer.

Magistrates stated

“Mr Lally you are a very lucky man today. There can be no doubt of the planning and sophistication of the offending. The only thing in your favour was that it was not false from the outset.”

“You do not have any previous convictions for dishonesty; you also show very apparent remorse. You were diagnosed at a young age with a debilitating disease and started to panic.

“You are the sole earner for your wife and two small children; you get a full 1/3 credit for your guilty plea.”

“We therefore sentence you to 26 weeks custody, the maximum available sentence in this court, which we wholly suspend for the maximum period of 2 years.

“There is one requirement, which is for you to complete 150 hours of unpaid work within 12 months. You will pay a victim surcharge of £80 and the costs of the prosecution in full of £1,374.40, at £50pcm, a Collection Order will also be imposed.”

Mr Lally was warned that the Court costs were a priority debt. Magistrates again stated they could not stress how lucky he had been, the offence is so serious that custody was the only option.

Councillor Terry Richardson, Finance and Efficiency portfolio holder at Blaby District Council, said:

“Not only has Mr Lally got to repay all the stolen monies, he now has a criminal record and court costs to pay. It is extremely important that people claiming benefit tell us about any change in their circumstances. We will always take action against people who try to abuse the system.

“Those who are claiming money they are not entitled to should be prepared to face the consequences”.

If you have any information relating to benefit fraud, please call Blaby District Council’s 24 hour confidential benefit fraud hotline on 0116 2727733 or complete the online benefit fraud allegation form at www.blaby.gov.uk/fraud

Theft of charity bags

police carPolice are alerting the public following a series of thefts of charity collection bags.

Since December 2012, there has been a steady reduction in the number of charity collection bags collected by the mental health charity, Mind, across the Blaby district.

Numerous reports have been made to the charity by the public informing them that a van without a Mind logo has taken their bag on the arranged collection day. There also seems to be an increased interest in bags taken containing clothes.

On a particular day last month in Braunstone Town, Mind were expecting to collect in the region of 40 bags, but only came across 22 on their arranged collection day.

PC Stu Cross said:

“This charity heavily relies on the kindness of the public donating the items in these bags. The estimated cost of each bag to the charity is around £10 and they have seen a drop in around 25 to 30 bags a week so you can imagine a loss of around £300 each week is very significant to them.

“We would like to firstly make the public aware of this particular issue and secondly ask people to report any suspicious vans they see collecting these bags. Mind only use vans displaying their logo so if you witness a van without a logo collecting a bag, we would please ask that you take down what details you can of the vehicle and its occupants and contact police or the charity.”

Mick Lyon, assistant manager at Mind Midlands warehouse says:

“We are really concerned about the amount of Mind donation bags disappearing in the Blaby area. Stealing from a charity is deplorable and we urge residents to be vigilant and alert police if they see anybody in unmarked vans collecting our bags.

“We are grateful to everyone who donates stock to our shops as these unwanted items provide a vital source of income to Mind. We rely on the generosity of donors to continue our important work such as providing services to people affected by mental health problems, and Mind’s two confidential mental health information services, Mind Infoline and Legal Advice Service.”

Police issue advice following catalytic converter thefts



Three catalytic converters have been stolen from vehicles in Wigston overnight Wednesday April 17, 2013.

The catalytic converters were taken from vehicles on Harrington Road, Seaton Road and New Forest Close in Wigston and were all from Mercedes vans.


Sgt 717 Dave Stokes said:

“I would encourage drivers of Mercedes vans and 4 x 4’s due to their high clearance area, to park their vehicles in a garage where possible or to make sure that their vehicle is parked in a well lit area. When you leave your vehicle make sure that you lock and alarm it, before walking away. Taking these simple steps could help you to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

“There are companies that sell catalytic converter alarms which might be worth considering and there are metal cages on the market which can be fitted around the catalytic converter that will act as a strong deterrent.”

Catalytic converters are part of a car’s exhaust system and contain high value metals. Due to the increase in the cost of scrap metal this has led to a national increase in the number of catalytic converters being stolen.

The police in Wigston are offering advice by sending messages out on social media and the police community messaging system – Neighbourhood Link, www.neighbourhoodlink.co.uk.

They are also acting on information from the public about suspicious vehicles in the area.

If you own any sort of vehicle with a high clearance that enables easy access underneath, then it would be worth considering some form of crime prevention measure.

We also want people to call us if they see any suspicious vehicles or activity in their area.

Anyone with information is urged to call Leicestershire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers, which is free* and anonymous, on 0800 555 111.

Calls to 101 cost 15p for the entire call from both mobile phones and landlines * Please note some mobile phone service providers may charge for this call.