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Student takes ‘Bridge over River Kwai’ in Jungle Dementia Care Awareness Expedition

Photo of Sophie Storey
Student Sophie Storey

A Leicestershire Childcare student is to take the historic bridge over the River Kwai to raise money for and awareness of Dementia.

Sophie Storey, a 17 year old Childcare student at South Leicestershire College in nearby South Wigston, will spend 6 days trekking, rafting and kayaking through the mountains and forests of the Thung Ya Nareusan Wildlife Sanctuary.

The  Wildlife Sanctuary Thung Yai Naresuan is a protected area in Thailand .

It was created as a Wildlife Sanctuary on April 24, 1974 and was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1991.

Part of a group of fund-raisers, she will follow the ‘death railway’ crossing the bridge over the River Kwai and each night will make camp in remote villages. The bridge was build in 1943 by Allied Prisoners of War as part of the so-called ‘death railway’ from Bangkok to Rangoon.

Sophie spoke of her challenge:

“I’m going on this Jungle Trek with my mum, Karen Storey, for MHA (Methodist Homes Association) because they specialize in good quality Dementia Care. The trek will help us to understand what life is like for a person living with dementia. We will be in a strange place, having to trust people around us to keep us safe and to guide us.”

She added:

“We’re looking for donations to help raise awareness and improve care for the hundreds of dementia sufferers in our community. All donations gratefully received through sponsor forms and the just giving website go directly to the residents at the homes.”

Marion Plant OBE, Principal and Chief Executive said

“Here at South Leicestershire College, our students are encouraged to participate in charitable projects within the local community. Not only does it give our students invaluable work and life experience, but it helps to highlight the important work that charities, such as MHA, undertake.”

If you would like to make a donation please follow the link below.