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Saffron Lane resident wins national public bravery award

Bravery Award Certificate awarded to Joshua Jon HillA resident of the Saffron Lane Estate was recognised at the National Police Chief’s Council Public Bravery Awards on 1st November.

Joshua-Jon Hill, received a silver bravery award after he came to the aid of two PCSOs and a PC who were being attacked by a member of the public.

On receiving the award, Joshua-Jon said

“It was a shock really. I have never received anything like this before and really wasn’t expecting it.”

“One little act of kindness has turned out to be such a great thing”

Chief Constable Simon Cole said

“Joshua-Jon was minding his own business travelling on a bus when he saw two PCSOS and a police officer who were being violently assaulted.

He got off the bus, got involved, saved them further injury and helped the offender, who was mentally ill, get help?.

“It is not an understatement to say that Joshua-Jon’s actions potentially saved a life.

I am hugely grateful to him, and was proud to join the Chairman of the National Police Chiefs Council to present him with his silver medal and certificate.”

[Source: Leicestershire Constabulary website]