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Event asks “Is your child strapped in the car seat properly?”

CCS_pic_17_8_15On Monday 17th August, Leicestershire Police and Leicester City Council held an event to raise awareness of ill-fitted child seats.

During the event vehicles were checked to ensure that child car seats had been fitted correctly and that they were appropriate for the child, for example that the child was not too small/big for the seat.

The event, held at Meridian Leisure Park on Lubbersthorpe Way, was run by officers from the Braunstone Town and Thorpe Astley Dedicated Neighbourhood Team, and Road Safety Officers from Leicester City Council.

112 vehicles were checked, however only three passed the inspection.

Of the other 109 vehicles, four were told they could not leave the site until the correct seats had been brought to the site, this included one private hire vehicle. The rest were given advice and had the seat fitted correctly.

PC Stuart Clough said:

“It is really worrying the amount of cars that didn’t have the seats fitted correctly. At the end of the day this could have devastating consequences if the car was in an accident.

“We would like to urge people to check their child’s car seat is fitted properly every time they make a journey.”

Leicester City Council Road Safety Officers handed out advice leaflets, key rings and stickers to drivers whilst checking their vehicles.

The majority of drivers were supportive and most welcomed the safety checks.

For more information on fitting a child seat, see the Leicester City Council website:


Michael Gardner, Development Manager - British Parking Association, Billy Dilieto, Deputy Manager and PC 1955 Martin Aston

Meridian Leisure Park wins award for reducing car crime

Michael Gardner, Development Manager - British Parking Association, Billy Dilieto, Deputy Manager and PC 1955 Martin Aston
Michael Gardner, Development Manager - British Parking Association, Billy Dilieto, Deputy Manager and PC 1955 Martin Aston

The Meridian Leisure Park in Braunstone, Leicester has scooped a prestigious police award for helping to reduce car crime in the city.

The car park at the leisure venue on Lubbesthorpe Way has been awarded a Park Mark certificate. Park Mark is a national initiative run by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) as part of its Safer Parking Scheme to reduce crime and the fear of crime in parking facilities.

The award, managed by the British Parking Association, is granted only after a stringent ACPO inspection is carried out to ensure key measures are in place to make the car park as safe as possible for the public.

For customers of the Meridian Leisure Park, the Park Mark sign means that the area has been vetted by ACPO and has measures in place to create a safe environment

At the Meridian Park, a dedicated security team monitors CCTV cameras 24-hours a day and regularly patrols the car park. The layout of the car park does not give any easy cover to thieves.

PC 1955 Martin Aston, neighbourhood officer for Thorpe Astley, said:

 “For visitors to the Meridian Leisure, the Park Mark award adds real value as it is important for customer confidence to know that car crime at the venue is low.”

Park Manager David Eden said:

“We are delighted to have won the Park Mark award which is granted only after a stringent police inspection and is well earned recognition of the hard work put in by our security team and the measures we use, such as CCTV, to monitor the park day and night.

“Having Park Mark status gives our customers the confidence of knowing that they and their cars are as safe as possible, which is vital if people are to relax in a leisure environment.”

Michael Gardner, Area Development Officer for the Safer Parking Scheme, said:

“The Safer Parking Scheme Park Mark award is a police initiative aimed at reducing crime and the fear of crime in car parks. Meridian Leisure Park car park has now achieved that award yet again, having been in the scheme since 2006. Its operators should be congratulated for providing an accredited car park for their customers.”

Shock plan to close Meridian Mail sorting office

Union leaders say postal staff are shocked and dismayed at the proposed closure of Leicester’s main Royal Mail sorting office, so writes Peter Warzynski in The Leicester Mercury.

The company says that, following a consultation with the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and Unite, it wants to reduce the number of distribution centres in the Midlands from seven to four.

The Mercury article continues saying that under the plans, Leicester’s Meridian sorting office would be axed – meaning more than 500 staff would either lose their jobs or be relocated.

It also means Leicestershire’s mail would be processed in Northampton and would have to be transported 35 miles up the M1 before it is delivered to distribution centres such as the city’s Campbell Street office.

CWU representative and Westcotes ward city councillor Andy Connelly said: “The staff are shocked and dismayed.

“We expected some of the jobs to go from the Leicester mail centre, but we didn’t expect the centre to close in its entirety.

“We don’t see how the Royal Mail are physically going to be able to do all the work from one centre in Northampton.”

The union said that placing Leicester’s main sorting office in the south Midlands would result in later deliveries.

Unite and the CWU now have two weeks to respond to the Royal Mail’s proposals.

Glynn McAllistair, spokesman for the CWU, said: “We don’t want to put people through unnecessary upheaval and our counter-proposals will reflect that.

“The internal review explains they want four mail centres – one of which is not Leicester.

“Leicester’s mail centre would close completely, meaning there will be 500 jobs fewer in Leicester than there currently are.

“We are in talks with Royal Mail and once we’ve submitted our proposals we’ll await their views.”

Following the counter-proposal from the unions, Royal Mail will hold another 90-day consultation – which will end in about mid-September.

A final decision on the future of the seven mail centres will then be announced.

The restructuring comes as the Royal Mail said the number of items being posted in the Midlands had fallen by more than 400 million since 2006. It said by 2015 there will be less than half the volume of mail compared with 10 years ago.

A spokesman said: “Royal Mail must review its mail processing operations in the region and is undertaking a modernisation programme, aimed at ensuring a successful future for the letters and parcels business.

“Our initial view is to have four mail centres for the Midlands, Birmingham, North West Midlands (Wolverhampton),Nottingham and south Midlands (Northampton).”

Under the proposals, centres in Derby and Worcester would also close.

Original  article by Peter Warzynski at:
http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/news/Postal-staff-shocked-plan-close-main-sorting-office/article-3586559-detail/article.html [Leicester Mercury, Tuesday 24th May 2011]

Peter Warzynski’s Blog

CWU [Communication Workers Union]  |  Unite [Unite Union]

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