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Presentation of engraving

Twinning Association visit to Le Haillan

Presentation of engraving
On behalf of Mayor Labiste, Barbara Spence presents a limited edition engraving of Le Haillan to the Chairman of Enderby Parish Council, Cllr. Mrs S Conway

2012 marks the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Twinning Charter between Enderby Parish Council and the Council in Le Haillan.

Since then, for every year bar one, the French and English Associations, founded in conjunction with their respective councils, have visited each other on alternate years. During Easter this year it was the turn of Enderby Twinning Association and 42 of its members to visit their counterparts in Le Haillan.

This year’s trip to France saw the Twinning Association members presenting their French counterparts with a number of locally crafted glass wine stoppers, designed and manufactured by local freelance jeweler Diana East in her workshop – ‘Sudio 21′ – located in the Old Dairy, George Street, Enderby.

Another local firm, Pollard Boxes Limited of Feldspar Close, Enderby, assisted in the transportation of the glass items.

Reporting bacxk on the visit, secretary Barbara Spence said that all the members had spent “happy times” with their French hosts and out in the Le Haillan community. She says:

On the Friday evening, the Mayor and Council of Le Haillan hosted a splendid dinner for over 100 guests. Mayor Labiste welcomed the guests and stressed the importance of the twinning links to broaden cultural understanding and break down stereotypes. He handed me a limited edition engraving of Le Haillan to present to Enderby Parish Council on his behalf as well as a small personal gift for Cllr. Bartlett in resppnse to Cllr. Bartlett’s message of congratulations and of continuing support for the twinning asssociations.

A report of the event, complete with colour picture, appeared in Sud Quest, a daily newspaper with the third largest circulation in France!

Mayor Labiste is very keen to explore other opportunities for interaction between our two communities and called a meeting of both twinning committees and past chairmen during our stay.

Enderby Twinning Association agreed that it would be good to find other groups within both communities who might benefit from a cultural exchange, perhaps sporting, musical, heritage, business, etc.

During the Easter visit, the Association extended an invitation to Mayor Labiste and fellow Twinners to visit Enderby next year, probably at the end of May when it is hoped a suitable programme can be arranged to mark the 25 years since the signing of the Charter in Enderby.

The Enderby Twinning Association are working hard to raise their profile in Enderby and have agreed to support Blaby District Council’s “World Party” being staged in June. A photo display is shortly to be put up in the library and they are actively making links with Danemill Primary School and hope to support some of their future events.

The Association has recently placed over £1,200 of business with two Enderby companies, played skittles at the New Inn and last year ran a stall at the Enderby Village Fete. Julia Pritchard, a former parish councillor and active Twinner ensures the Association has regular reports in ‘The Journal’.


Anyone wishing to join the Association will be made very welcome.

You don’t have to speak French (though it helps!); having an open mind and willing to try new things is more important.

Please ring 0116 2848514 or 01455 209021 or email barbaraspence19@googlemail.com for a leaflet and further details or to arrange to meet the members.


Photo: DD Sud Quest - www.sudouest.fr/