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Gotcha! DVLA ‘clamp’ down on vehicle tax evasion in Enderby

In a crackdown on un-taxed motor vehicles, a number of owners returned to their vehicles in Enderby and Narborough only to find that they had been ‘clamped’ and a notice fixed to the windscreen warning them not to interfere with the clamp or attempt to move the vehicle.

A number of vehicles (at least 6) in the village were caught as well a number in Narborough. The EYE is receiving reports of clamped vehicles in Whetstone.

Regardless of how you feel about it, road tax (or to give it the proper name ‘vehicle excise duty) it is a legal requirement if you want to drive on public roads – and it’s quite a hot topic in the area at the moment.

The DVLA has a huge database which records every car that is on the road in the UK and when the tax on that vehicle runs out. If you don’t renew your duty, then the database will flag up your registration number and you may find yourself clamped outside your own property or even somewhere else – like your office car park.

Rogues Gallery

Clamp notice
Windscreen notice. “Do not attempt to move” 
Clamp on Townsend Road
Vehicle clamped on Townsend Road, Enderby
Clamped vehicle in Enderby Village
A nasty ‘surprise’ on Cross Street, Enderby
Vehicle clamped Alexander Road
On Alexander Road, Enderby.

The item as originally published on 12/02/18 erroneously reported that the Police had clamped the vehicles. It was in fact a private company contracted by the DVLA who undertook the clamping operation. We apologise for the error and the headline has been changed.