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Enderby Fete promises fun for all the family

Little Red Bus

It’s been a while since the last one, but the dream of restoring an annual Village Fete is alive!

Final preparations are coming together for the Enderby Village Fete 2018 to be held on Saturday, September 1st. on the King George V Playing Field, Mill Lane, Enderby.

Many Enderby residents might remember the Village Fete of 30th July 2011 – the first for over 50 years – which was organised in response to suggestions made in the 2010 Enderby Parish Plan – and which was viewed generally as a major success. Plans were made to repeat the event in 2012, drawing on the experience gained.

Photo (top)  Riding the Little Red Bus at the 2011 Enderby Village Fete

Unfortunately, despite the excitement and anticipation of Enderby folk, the weather had other ideas. As the date of the 2012 event drew tantalisingly close, Mother Nature decided to intervene with what turned out to be a lengthy period of inclement weather. Over 100mm of rain – more than the average amount for the whole month of June – fell in 24 hours in some areas of the country.

The Fete Committee reluctantly made the decision to cancel the 2012 Enderby Village Fete after several inspections of the King George V Playing Field.

The committee concluded that following the torrential rainfall throughout June and July of that year, the saturated ground meant it was unsafe to be traversed by vehicles and neither would it be conducive to providing a pleasant experience for exhibitors and visitors alike.

After that setback it seemed the appetite for a Village Fete as an annual event was
significantly diminished… until recently (and some 7 years after the last highly successful event).

New ‘Enderby Events Group’ formed

The original fete committee disbanded in 2012 but in an attempt to revive an annual Village Fete, a new Events Group was formed earlier this year.

The new group is comprised of a number of Parish Councillors and interested residents.

The primary focus of the Events Group is the re-establishment of the Enderby Village Fete as an annual event. A decision was taken to hold the new group’s inaugural event on 1st September this year.

The organisers have been busy and the event will feature a Dog Show, Classic Car Show, Live Music, Tug-O-War, Children’s Entertainment (including riding the ‘Little Red Bus!’), A ‘Real Ale’ Bar and of course a wide variety of stalls. Food, drink and ice-creams will also be available. Something to interest all the family!

Everyone involved is keeping their fingers crossed that Mother Nature will behave and this year (instead of showering everyone with rain) she will ‘shower’ her blessings on what promises to be a memorable event.

A Place To Grow opens its doors…

Photo from previous year's Open Day
Photo: Enderby EYE.

A reminder that this year’s popular annual open day at the ‘A Place to Grow’ community garden takes place on Saturday 11th August.

The community garden is situated next to Enderby Leisure Centre on Mill Lane and the event will run between 11am-3pm.

Included will be a children’s garden hunt, garden games, planting activities, and the sale of plants and produce from the garden.

There will also be a BBQ, cake, refreshments and an ice cream van on offer. All proceeds will go towards the running of the garden.

As Enderby EYE reported on 11th July, “Community Garden Open Day to feature Family Performance“, there will also be two free family performances of “SEED”.

Performances will take place at 11:30am and 1:30pm. To book tickets for the free performances of SEED, fill in the online form or call 0116 272 7703.

See also: EYE news item  A Place To Grow Open Day

Chernobyl children visit Force Headquarters in Enderby

Group photo
PC David Oliver (left) and PC Darren Sewell with some of the children who live near the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site

Officers have treated a group of Belarusian youngsters who live in areas close to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site to a trip around Force Headquarters.

The area in the former Soviet Union is still highly contaminated by radioactive fallout from the 1986 nuclear explosion and their visit forms part of a month long trip to Leicestershire where they receive recuperative care in a bid to boost their depleted immune systems.

Some 13 youngsters, aged nine to 12 years, spent the morning with the dog handling team where they got to see the dogs in action and hear about the meticulous training they go through.

Their visit was organised through the Friends of Chernobyl’s Children (West Leicestershire) charity.

PC David Oliver from the tactical dogs and firearms team introduced his Spaniel, Mabon, who is trained to sniff out explosives, while PC Darren Sewell, from the same team, introduced his five-month-old German Shepherd, Arlo, to youngsters. Arlo is still undergoing general purpose training.

“When the charity first got in touch to ask if we could accommodate the youngsters, we jumped at the chance,” said PC Oliver. “We know just how popular our dogs are and we wanted to make sure the young people had the best time possible so that they could take some great memories back home with them.

“It was lovely to meet them all and it’s something we’ll never forget here.”

Each year the charity provides a month of respite in Leicestershire for children living with the after effects of the nuclear catastrophe that has left a legacy of radioactive contamination which will last for decades to come.

Youngsters get to enjoy the fresh air and take part in a range of stimulating activities including swimming, bowling, sailing, crafts and visits to local attractions. The charity also provides essential health checks for the children during their stay.

Accommodation is provided by local volunteer host families who work in partnership with the charity to give the children lots of loving care and respite during their stay.

Jo Eaton from the charity said: “I host a child myself and it’s been incredibly rewarding to see how they change throughout their visit. They leave looking so much healthier than when they arrived and I know they all thoroughly love the experiences they get to have.

“All of the children on our program are living with challenging social issues and many of them are living in extremely basic conditions. We’re very grateful to Leicestershire Police for providing this wonderful opportunity.”

Anyone who is interested in getting involved in the charity’s work, including hosting a child next year, should contact local group coordinator John Buckby on 07738324947.

For more information about the charity visit https://www.focc-westleics.org.uk/

#IslaStones campaign catches imagination worldwide

Isla Tansley (image 'unknown source')

Isla Tansley, the seven year old girl from Hinckley with a rare form of cancer, has died aged 7 years.

A campaign to remember her has inspired people all over the world to remember her by painting and hiding stones. People were encouraged to photograph, paint and re-hide the stones.

The youngster was the inspiration behind the #islastones campaign which took-off on social media platforms.

Decorated items (mostly stones) include the ‘#IslaStones’ hashtag so anyone finding a hidden article bearing the tag can find out more about the campaign online.

They can also post a picture on a dedicated Facebook group with over 50,000 members.

Cyclists from the Stoney Stanton Velo Club are reported to have placed three stones during their ride up Mont Ventoux in southern France.

The campaign is reported to have even reached the “….snowy climes of Antarctica, where researchers at the Australian Antarctic Division polished a piece of wood and painted it with a pair of penguins and a chick.”

Isla suffered from a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, also known as ‘DIPG’ is the second most common type of primary, high grade brain tumour in children. Following an operation last year, Isla lost feeling in her lower body.

Local Facebook Groups report ‘findings’ and ‘re-hides’

Member of the Facebook Group, ‘All Things Enderby’, Lucy Bloomfield posted “Leia’s stone found in Enderby – rehidden in The Pastures”

Facebook image

Andy Allbut-King, posting on the Facebook Group ‘The Pastures, Narborough’ wrote “Found a stone this morning on The Pastures in Narborough, then I was informed that this little angel had passed. Fly high with the angels my sweet one. Condolences to your mummy and daddy.”

Facebook image #IslaStones

More information on the Facebook Group #IslaStones

Community Garden Open Day to feature Family Performance


Two FREE family performances featuring an inspiring hitch-hike on a plant-related journey from small Acorns to great Oak Trees are planned for Blaby District Council’s ‘A Place to Grow’ Open Day in Enderby on Saturday 11 August 2018.

SEED is a fun exploration of our relationship with the long suffering plants that keep us fed, sheltered and breathing. It is the visual and movement theatre story of Wilford – one of the “unseen” – as he scrapes and digs and blasts the seed holes and co-opts the water and food.

With pulsating plant beats, flying soil and water, live music and a giant tree growing out of a shed, it’s the perfect performance for children and families

Performances will take place at 11:30am and 1:30pm at the A Place to Grow Garden at Mill Lane, Enderby, LE19 4BX.

Families are advised to bring their own picnic blanket to enjoy the performances on the grass area.

This year’s popular annual open day at the A Place to Grow garden will be from 11am-3pm, and include a children’s garden hunt, garden games, planting activities, and the sale of plants and produce from the garden.

There will also be a BBQ, cake, refreshments and an ice cream van on offer. All proceeds will go towards the running of the garden.

To book tickets for the free performances of SEED, fill in the online form or call 0116 272 7703.

[Photo supplied : Blaby District Council]