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Frank Evans

Frank Evans, one of Enderby’s ‘characters’, passed away on Sunday 25th February, aged 92. 

Frank was for many years a Councillor on Enderby Parish Council, standing down in 2015 due to ill health.

Cllr. Tracy Green, a long-standing member of Enderby Parish Council, told the Leicester Mercury:

“He was a very kind man and we used to have lovely little chats on our way home from meetings together.”

“He also used to be a lollipop man in the village so everyone knew him and said hello. He was very well-loved in the community and a very interesting man.”

Frank had led a very active and varied life including active service in France during the Second World War. In January 2017 he was awarded the Légion D’honneur from the French government for his service in France.

Born in Derby, Frank relocated to the south of England at 6yrs of age, having been orphaned in tragic circumstances. (Frank’s father was knocked off his bike and died and his mother took her own life not long after).

Returning to Leicestershire in 1942, Frank lived locally before enlisting in the Royal Navy for the final year of the war. In latter years he made his home on Kipling Drive, Enderby.

A committed churchgoer and a member of the Prayer Book Society, Frank was well known by parents and pupils of local schools in the role of ‘Lollipop Man’ shepherding them across King Street close to the junction with Cross Street.

Frank was a prolific letter writer and sent many hundreds of letters to the Leicester Mercury; according to the newspaper there were ‘more than 130 published in the past 20 years alone, addressing issues of every size‘.

Cllr. Green added:

“I remember when I moved to this area in 1963 he was already writing to the Mercury regularly.

“He will be sadly missed.”


[Source reference: https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/houses-stilts-3-wheeled-cars-1299153]

Heroes assemble for village ‘Spring Clean’ blitz

A number of local residents, of varying ages, came together to tidy up Enderby village in  an organised event billed as “Enderby Coop Great British Spring Clean”.

Those taking part were asked to bring along their old Coop bags to use for collecting litter and a pair of gloves.

The group took to the village area between 2.30 and 3.30pm on Sunday 4th March and during that time managed to amass several sacks full of litter. The sacks were deposited outside the store at 19 Cross Street, Enderby for collection.

Litter sacks outside co-op

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It’s a busy couple of weeks in store (forgive the pun) for the Co-op and local causes:

Monday 5th March Applications open for the next round of Local Cause funding.

Wednesday 7th March visit to Honey Bees preschool to talk to the children about Fairtrade and handout free bananas.

Friday 9th March 5.15pm-6.15pm Fairtrade wine tasting in Enderby Co-op.

Wednesday 14th March Fairtrade coffee afternoon at Enderby Library with the over 60’s games club.

More photos from the Enderby Coop Great British Spring Clean

The team on Mill Lane Park
The team on Mill Lane Park
young litter pickers walking through Enderby village
Young litter pickers walking through Enderby village
litter picking collage
Canisters of butane found on Mill Lane Park and even old abandoned garden planters.

[Source / All photos: Coop Member Pioneer for Enderby]

#GreatBritishSpringClean  #TheCoopWay

Damp rooms drive Danielle to despair

Sometimes the wait for repairs and maintenance to social housing can be frustrating but for Danielle Ewart and her partner it became a matter of great concern.

Danielle lives with a chronic auto immune disease which puts her at greater risk of contracting illnesses which most other people’s immune systems would naturally protect against. It then follows that she needs to guard against some hazards that others take in their stride.

Danielle Ewart and partner Barry
Danielle Ewart and partner Barry

Danielle lives with her partner Barry and two children, a daughter age 5yrs and a son almost  one year old. The property, in Salt’s Close, Enderby, is managed by a housing association ‘The Waterloo Housing Group’ based in Birmingham.

A leak from a pipe in the bathroom in early summer 2017 was questionably repaired and a leak was still occurring. Danielle sought advice from the Housing Association representative in Leicester who said that a ‘minor repair’ was required (but in fact was never satisfactorily actioned).

The representative’s visit also revealed that Danielle’s Kitchen was missing an extractor fan and the extractor fan fitted in the bathroom was not appropriate and should have been fitted with a sensor and dehumidifier.

This is a contributory factor to what has been a build up of damp and mould in different parts of the home. It is of concern to Danielle because mould can trigger a number of ailments, including respiratory conditions, that her body’s immune system has difficulty in protecting against.

She tries regularly to keep on top of cleaning the mould away but it’s a dis-heartening chore.

Aware of the need for ventilation, Danielle regularly opens windows and doors to ensure a through flow of air.

To make matters worse, her children suffer from constant coughs and degrees of eczema which adds to the importance of keeping on top of the damp and mould.

Eczema flare up on Danielle's son
Picture shows eczema flare up on Danielle’s young son

The NHS Choices website says if you live with damp and mould you’re more likely to have respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma. Damp and mould can also affect the immune system. Singled out as being more sensitive to the effects of a damp and/or mouldy environment are:

  • those with existing skin problems, such as eczema
  • those with respiratory problems, such as allergies and asthmas
  • those with a weakened immune system

The home also suffers from inconsistent operation of the central heating boiler.

After the water system was drained by the housing association’s workers to effect a minor repair last year, there have been problems.

Danielle told Enderby EYE:

I’ve had no real boiler system as one day I can have heating and hot water other days just one or the other and some days none!

The straw that broke the camel’s back occurred last Sunday (18th February) when the leak from the bathroom became worse. So much so that the following day water began to cascade through the living room ceiling.

To Danielle, it didn’t appear that Waterloo Housing Group were taking her seriously when she was reporting problems so she took to social media to describe her issues. Danielle wrote on Facebook:

……I also had live wires without a junction box in my tank cupboard for three years (in Grace’s room!) that my gas technician that did my checks yearly signed to say were safe till I had ‘on call’ out to fix my boiler and realised that many things I’m living with were extremely dangerous in terms of gas!

She also rang the housing association to say that she had spoken to Enderby EYE and others regarding her issues and, within hours, a local contractor was on the premises repairing the latest leak.

Hopefully the remaining promised work on the ventilation will be undertaken as a matter of priority/urgency. Enderby EYE will be keeping an ‘eye’ on the situation!

Damp marks on ceiling
Constant damp on the ceiling was an ongoing issue

Mould appears in corners, despite regular cleaning….

Mold in corner of ceiling 1

Mould in corner of ceiling 2

Mould forming in bathroom
Mould forming in bathroom
Mould forming in bathroom
Mould accumulating on the window frame

Idea for ‘Residents Parking Scheme’ dropped

Some Enderby residents have been sent a letter following the informal consultation on a “Residents Parking Scheme”

The letter follows a meeting between Enderby Parish Councillors, Blaby District Council and Leicestershire County Council with officers from the County Council’s Environment and Transport Department.

The meeting, held at the request of the Parish Council, was to discuss traffic issues in the village including the residents parking scheme.

Amid a concern that any scheme covering a particular area would have a knock-on effect on surrounding roads, It was confirmed that the parking scheme consultation carried out towards the end of last year had been informal. Had this scheme been progressed further a wider consultation would have taken place.

The resident’s letter, dated 16th February 2018 and signed by James Whailing, Senior Technician at Leicestershire County Council, is reproduced below.

Dear Owner/ Occupier,

Following a letter sent at the beginning of December 2017, seeking your views on the introduction of a residents parking scheme in Enderby.

I can confirm that the responses and comments received from residents have all now been considered and it has been agreed that the proposed residents parking scheme will not be implemented.

We will continue to work closely with your local Parish Council, to identify solutions to reduce traffic concerns reported within Enderby.

Thank you for taking the time to respond with your comments.

Yours sincerely,

James Whailing

Traffic and Signals

At the meeting, a number of measures regarding signage were agreed to be explored with regard to High Street, West Street, Kipling Drive and Shortridge Lane on the junction with West Street.

The introduction of a one-way scheme on Townsend Road, already approved but delayed while ‘holistic’ modelling of Enderby traffic flow was taking place, is to be progressed and introduced.

A study will be undertaken to test the viability of a one-way flow on Moores Lane.

Councillors heard how a study of traffic in the village prompted model traffic flows to be made (generated from 28 surveys conducted at junctions).  All the models produced gridlock, particularly at Bantlam Lane/Mill Lane and Co-operation Street.

See also:  Enderby Parish Council asks for clarity on village traffic plans   (EYE item 15/02/18)


Brockington College students gain hands-on experience at New Lubbesthorpe Development

Students at Lubbesthorpe development
Photo: Blaby District Council

Students from Brockington College in Enderby took part in a special event held at local development New Lubbesthorpe to learn more about the housebuilding industry.

Hosted by David Wilson Homes, the eight students involved gained practical, supervised experience of construction skills such as bricklaying, plastering and carpentry.

The aim of the visit, which was organised by Jo Ling, Employment, Skills and Training Coordinator for Blaby District Council in conjunction with the developer, was to demonstrate to the students the different skills and processes involved in building a new home and to inspire them to progress their studies to the next level or pursue a full-time career in house building after leaving college.

Councillor Sheila Scott, Portfolio Holder for Planning, Housing Strategy, Economic & Community Development, said:

“We were delighted to be involved with this innovative initiative to help strengthen the employability of students within the District. Thanks to David Wilson Homes, students from the Enderby College have been able to gain a practical insight into the construction sector, and open up options for a career in the housebuilding industry.”

The students were given a tour of three ‘stock plots’ to give an overview of what trades are involved at the development, before splitting into two groups to have a go at bricklaying.

Photo: Blaby District Council

There was also a question and answer session with the Site Manager, where students were able to explore more about how to get into the industry.

Daisie, a student at Brockington College said:

“I have learnt just how many trades are involved in completing one house. I know I want to get site experience and I can do this through an apprenticeship.”

David Wilson Homes are one of the housebuilders currently involved with the Beggars Lane development.

John Reddington, Managing Director at David Wilson Homes East Midlands, said:

“We’re always on the look-out for the homebuilders of the future, and we wanted to give local students a glimpse of what it’s like to work on a new homes development like New Lubbesthorpe. We hope that the students at Brockington College had a good day with our team and that they all took away some useful information.”

To find out more and register interest in apprenticeships and careers at New Lubbesthorpe, contact Jo Ling on 0116 272 7583 or email jo.ling@blaby.gov.uk.

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