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Public Space Protection Orders introduced across Blaby district

044-dogResidents in Enderby and elsewhere in Blaby district are being reminded that new laws designed to force careless dog owners to take more responsibility of their pets came into effect this month (May).

The orders to control dogs are introduced across Blaby District’s parks and open spaces today, Monday 16 May 2016, as part of the Anti Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act.

Blaby District Council is one of the first councils to be taking this action.

Anyone guilty of an offence under the new orders will be issued with a £100 fixed penalty.

Failure to pay the fine can result in court action and a fine of up to £1000.

Trained volunteers from across the district will assist the Council to enforce the new legislation.

  • The dog control orders include:
  • Dog fouling
  • Not having a suitable item to pick up dog fouling
  • Not placing/keeping a dog on lead when directed
  • Not having a dog on a lead within a cemetery/graveyard/churchyard
  • Taking a dog into/permitting a dog to enter/allowing a dog to remain in an enclosed play area

Blaby District Council’s Animal Services will be attending parks and open spaces around the District from Monday 16 May for a two week period to educate dog owners of the new laws.

Formal enforcement will be introduced from Monday 1 June.

Councillor Guy Jackson, Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood and Environmental Services, said:

“Dog fouling and out of control dogs are issues facing the whole of Leicestershire.

Dog fouling will not be tolerated and our new PSPOs are designed to ensure we have the powers to take action and fine the minority of people who cause misery to residents enjoying the great parks and open spaces we have in Blaby District.”

Free Microchipping event as new laws come into force


New laws on dog microchipping are set to come into force on 6 April 2016, and Blaby District Council is offering the chance to get residents’ dogs microchipped for free before the deadline.

On Tuesday 5th April owners can take the opportunity to turn up between 10am-2pm with their dogs at the council’s offices on Desford Road, Narborough between 10am-2pm and have their dog chipped for free by a trained microchip implanter.

Michelle Ikin, Senior Animal Services Officer at the council will be on hand to offer any advice owners may want about their dog.

michelle ikin
Michelle Ikin:
Check details are up to date

Michelle said:

“Even if your dog is already microchipped it is very important to check that the keeper details are up to date, especially dogs who have been re-homed from rescue centres.

The new law states that the dog must be registered to the keeper of the dog.”

Councillor Guy Jackson, Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood and Environmental Services, said:

“We want to make sure that dog owners in Blaby District are abiding by the new law, and in turn try and reduce the number of lost or stray dogs that do not have a microchip when we collect them.”

Criminal offence

Owners who have do not microchip their dogs after 6 April will be guilty of a criminal offence and could face a fine of £500.

For more information on the event call 0116 272 7555.


Dog wardens alarmed at rise in “owned” dogs handed in

Photo: Mamma Tubbs
Mamma Tubbs

Dog wardens at Blaby District Council have been shocked by a recent surge in owners handing in their own pets as strays.

Local authorities have a duty to deal with stray dogs within their districts however this service appears to be becoming abused by irresponsible owners who want to get rid of their dogs.

Michelle Ikin, senior dog warden at Blaby District Council, said:

“We have been inundated recently with owners lying about “finding” the dog within our district to get it collected by us. As a result the Council now has a policy where all stray dogs are investigated and where a “finder” is found to have handed in their own pet we will take action against them.

Ms. Ikin went on to say:

“Within the last two weeks we have been handed a 13 year old dog with cancer that the owner didn’t want anymore and a heavily pregnant bitch that has subsequently given birth to four puppies within 48 hours of being handed over. These dogs are placed under huge amounts of stress when they come into kennels and the owners are clearly heartless to put their pet through that kind of situation when they are ill or pregnant. It is completely irresponsible and barbaric.”

Photo: Missy

Blaby District Council is appealing for anyone that may recognise little “Mamma Tubbs” as she has been nicknamed, so that the dog wardens can speak to the owner who abandoned her.

And don’t forget ‘Missy’…

Missy, (photo: right) the 13 year old dog, is currently in a foster home but the dog wardens are hoping that someone will be kind enough to offer her a peaceful retirement home for the last few months of her life.

Anyone who could offer a home to Missy or provide any information in confidence relating to the pregnant terrier, please contact Blaby District Council on 0116 272 7555 or email env.health@blaby.gov.uk

Around 160 strays are picked up each year by the local authority’s dog wardens and about half of these are left homeless.

Photos and descriptions of all available dogs are available at www.blaby.gov.uk/dogs

Free microchipping for Blaby District dog owners

dog walkingLocal dog owners will have the chance to microchip their dog for free at two events hosted by Blaby District Council.

In association with the Dogs Trust, the events are taking place on Thursday November 28 at Braunstone Civic Centre and Friday November 29 at Bouskell Park in Blaby.

The purpose of the events is to promote responsible ownership through the Dogs in the Community Campaign, run by the Dogs Trust, and to provide a free microchipping service prior to the legislation change in April 2016 when it will be a requirement for all dogs to be microchipped.

Blaby District Council’s senior dog warden Michelle Ikin will also be on hand to provide guidance on responsible dog ownership.

Councillor Guy Jackson, portfolio holder for Regulatory and Neighbourhood Services, said

“These two events are a must for dog owners in the district, not only can they benefit from the free microchipping service, but also speak to experts about looking after their pets in a responsible manner. The amount of stray dogs is a significant problem and I hope the campaign will work towards combating this issue.”

Around 160 strays are picked up each year by the local authority’s dog wardens and about half of these are left homeless.

Photos and descriptions of all available dogs are available at www.blaby.gov.uk/dogs

All animals are assessed, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (where possible) and a fee of £105 is charged to cover these costs.

For more information visit www.blaby.gov.uk/dogs, email env.health@blaby.gov.uk or call 0116 272 7515.