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Do you recognise Missy?

MissyMissy, a Staffie cross female, was found in the Narborough/Enderby area on Thursday 6 June.

She is microchipped, but unfortunately this isn’t up to date.

She has a number of tumours so clearly suffering with cancer, but despite this she is a very friendly girl.

If she is a genuine stray we are appealing for an owner as it is awful to think of her spending her last days in a kennel.

Environmental Health at Blaby District Council are keen to ensure this isn’t a case of abandonment because of Missy’s health issues and therefore they would also appeal for anyone who knows the dog or who may know who has left the dog to contact them in confidence.

Call 0116 272 7555 or 07823 533 290, Email env.health@blaby.gov.uk

Thank you.

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Dog wardens report rise in numbers of ‘owned’ animals being abandoned


Alfie: Tragedy of unwanted and abandoned 10yr old.
Alfie: Tragedy of unwanted and abandoned 10yr old.

Dog Wardens at Blaby District Council are reaching crisis point due to a surge in the number of dogs handed in to them that are not genuine strays.

Michelle Ikin, senior dog warden, said:

“We seem to be receiving a lot of calls from people who have apparently ‘found’ dogs which turn out to be their own pets. Obviously with this situation we know the dog isn’t going to be claimed as many genuine strays would be which is putting tremendous pressure on kennel space at the moment.”

Blaby District Council recently collected a 10 year old dog named Alfie, who was handed into a rescue centre after the person had ‘found’ him outside.

After a full investigation by the dog wardens they discovered that the owner of the dog had made a number of phone calls that day trying to get rid of the dog and believe that the ‘finder’ was actually a friend who was abandoning the dog.

Michelle said:

“People do not understand that abandoning their pets in this way is putting a lot of pressure on resources that are intentioned for genuine stray animals.

“Dogs that come in as strays are much more difficult to re-home than a pet which has been handed into a rescue with history and therefore by trying to get rid of their animals this way they are actually putting their pets at a much greater risk of being destroyed than if they re-home them responsibly.

“The dog which was handed in this week has severe gingivitis and a growth, neither of which had been seen or treated by a vet, which left us with a very difficult decision as to whether we could afford to treat him. It is a heartbreaking situation for a dog that has done nothing but be a loyal pet for 10 years.

“Fortunately, thanks to The Park Veterinary Group who have offered us a discount on the operation and dental work, we are now able to get Alfie treated and hopefully find him a lovely retirement home. What people are prepared to put their animals through never fails to amaze me, it’s very sad.”

It is Blaby District Council’s policy to investigate all stray dogs that are handed over to them and where there is evidence to suggest that owners are involved they will be traced and invoiced for kennelling and associated costs.

Anyone who could offer Alfie a home can contact the dog wardens on 0116 272 7515 or email env.health@blaby.gov.uk

Around 160 strays are picked up each year by the local authority’s dog wardens and about half of these are left homeless.

Photos and descriptions of all available dogs are available at www.blaby.gov.uk/dogs

All animals are assessed, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (where possible) and a fee of £105 is charged to cover these costs.

In cases such as Alfie where the dog is 10 years or older the re-homing fee is reduced to £60.

Dogs looking for homes…

We are publishing some photos and background info on dogs that have been found straying but unfortunately have not been claimed by their owners.

These dogs are now looking for new homes. All dogs featured below will be assessed, vaccinated, wormed, flead, micro-chipped, and neutered (where possible before homing).



Punch is around 2 years old and full of character! He is a
very lively, fun loving dog who will need plenty of exercise.
Due to his bouncy nature he would be best suited to a
home with older children. He is currently in a foster home
with 5 other dogs and 2 cats and is having the time of his
life! What he really wants for Christmas is his very own
forever home, could you be his Santa and make his wish
come true?








Rudi has just turned 7 years old and is huge!! He is a very
playful boy who loves to have his bum scratched! We are
looking for an adult home with someone who has had
large breeds before as he can be very strong on the lead
and would benefit from some training. He will make an
exceptionally loyal companion and really deserves a loving
home. If you feel you have the experience to offer him his
forever home please get in touch.







Bobby is around 2 years old and is proving to be a loving
boy who gets on well with other dogs. He was extremely
stressed when he first came into kennels and, although he
has settled down a lot, he is still not enjoying his stay with
us! He loves attention and just wants to play all the time
which is why he doesn’t like being alone in his kennel. We
are really hoping that a home can be found for this boy
soon as he will not be able to cope with long term





Apple is 2-3 years old and a very lively and
playful girl. She gets on well with large dogs but
can get very excited with small dogs and other
small animals due to her chasing instinct. She
would be suited to an energetic family who can
give her plenty of exercise and lots of play. She
is best friends with Nog and they regularly play
out together at the kennels.





Nog is only around 18 months old and is a
lovely funny boy. When he came to us he was
extremely nervous and has obviously been
mistreated. He is a very submissive lad who
needs a quiet home where he can settle down
and learn that people can be kind. He could live
with a compatible dog and could benefit from
living with a confident dog who could help
improve his confidence. His current play mate is
Apple and she is doing a very good job of
showing him how to have fun!



If you feel you may be able to offer a home – Please Call 0116 2727555


Click here for full details of ‘Adopting A Dog’




Give a dog a home

A loving lurcher and two terriers are just some of the dogs being kept by Blaby District Council who are in need of a caring home.

The Council is now directly rehoming all unclaimed strays they pick up and will be advertising available dogs at www.blaby.gov.uk/dogs.

Around 160 strays are picked up each year by the local authority’s dog wardens and about a third of these are left homeless.

Michelle Ikin, senior dog warden at Blaby District Council said: “There are many dogs throughout the UK which are put to sleep by councils and kennels if they have not been claimed by their owners.

“We do not want to follow this trend and have taken the decision to find homes for these dogs ourselves.”

Around 160 strays are picked up each year...

All animals are assessed, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (where possible) before rehoming and a fee of £95 is charged to cover these costs.

To view photos and a description of all available dogs visit www.blaby.gov.uk/dogs.

Anyone who feels they may be able to offer a home to a dog should contact Blaby District Council on env.health@blaby.gov.uk or 0116 272 7555.


Information sought on injured border collie

*Originally published 28th January 2011

Dog wardens at Blaby District Council are appealing for information after a border collie was found close to the Bulls Head on Hinckley Road with what appears to be infected bite marks on its neck.

A member of the public found the dog on Monday January 24 at around 9am and took it to Leicester and Leicestershire Animal Aid in Huncote who reported it to the Council as a stray.

Several puncture wounds – which appear to be new and old – were found on the collie and she was taken to the vets for further examination and treatment.

The Council is now appealing to anyone who may know where the dog has come from or what has happened to it to come forward.

Senior dog warden Michelle Ikin said:

“Any number of things could have happened to the dog which was in a bad way when it was found. We now need to find out more information so we can hopefully reunite it with its owners or start the search for a new home.

“The stretch of road where she was found is busy and hopefully someone in the area might have more information on how she got there or where she came from.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Council on 0116 272 7515.

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