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District Council successfully stops another large development

Map of development areaBlaby District Council’s decision to refuse a planning application of up to 200 dwellings in Cosby has been upheld by The Planning Inspectorate and comes just weeks after another appeal was dismissed following the refusal of 170 homes in Countesthorpe.

The application on land off Croft Road, Cosby in the village was refused back in November 2016.

The Council rejected the plans, submitted by Jelson Limited, after the application conflicted with policies set out by the Blaby District Local Plan, which seeks to promote sustainable development.

In addition, the substantial development would have “been within an area of open countryside and would lead to significant over provision of housing with the village, which would be contrary to the Council’s Local Plan.”

Summing up the appeal in his 13-page decision, Inspector Philip Lewis concluded:

Philip Lewis
Philip Lewis

“The identified conflict with the policies for the location of new development, with the limited harm to the character and appearance of the area and loss of best and most versatile agricultural land significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits of the appeal scheme.  Consequently the proposal would not represent sustainable development”

However, the decision has invited a mixed response on social media with some commenting ” I take it all you people have a house to live in…….” and “This isn’t good news for everyone you know…” (Spotted Cosby)

Councillor Sheila Scott, Portfolio Holder for Planning, Housing Strategy, Economic & Community Development, said:

Cllr. Sheila Scott
Cllr. Sheila Scott

“This is another key ruling for us, and one which we are naturally pleased with. We were clear with the applicants from the outset that this was not a sustainable site for development.

“We hope this sends the message to applicants that we will refuse planning applications if they do not follow the guidelines and policies set out both nationally and by this Council.”


[Source: Blaby District Council Communications]