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Blaby District Council Tax frozen for third year in row

blaby signCouncillors at Blaby District Council have agreed to freeze council tax for the third year in a row.

This means people living in a Band D property will pay £137.78 a year for their district council services in 2013/14, equivalent to £2.64 a week. This is the same amount that was charged in 2010/11.

The tax freeze was agreed at a full council meeting on 21 February when the authority also set its budget for the next 12 months from 1 April 2013, which accommodates a reduction in core government funding of £331,000 or 7.4%, as well as significant changes to council tax support.

The budget sets out plans to maintain existing services within the available resources through a combination of service reviews, restructuring finances, the prudent use of reserves, and utilisation of New Homes Bonus grant to support core expenditure requirements.

Council Leader Ernie White said:

“The Council has been able to accommodate cuts in core government funding of just under £2.3m since 2010/11 without any detrimental impact on service delivery and we remain one of the lowest cost district councils in England.

“We will continue to invest in services that are valued by people in Blaby district and we are making sure vulnerable people are supported through these tough economic times.”

For more information on council tax visit www.blaby.gov.uk or see the leaflet which can be collected from the main council offices