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Millfield LEAD Academy school store their memories in a ‘time capsule’

time capsule smallOn Thursday 21st May, staff and primary school children at Millfield LEAD Academy came together for the final event amongst several activities celebrating the school’s Golden Jubilee.

To mark the school’s 50th year, each class produced a mosaic tile which was fitted to the exterior of the time capsule container.

The children then all gathered around as various contemporary artifacts and documents were placed in the time capsule.

The plan is for the capsule to be opened in 25 years time by future generations of the school.

Following the ceremony the children had great fun having a picnic on the school field.

time capsule 2

Time Capsule Inscribed Plate

Photos: (top) The time capsule, showing the mosaics on the outside and (bottom) the inscribed plate fixed to the top of the capsule. (Photos courtesy of Heidi Geisler)