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Marathon cycle ride (sort of) for LOROS


lot of peddle power going on …and all in a good cause.

LOROS supporter Linda Scott was joined by her niece on Wednesday 29th May …the first day of a three-day fundraising effort in the foyer of Enderby Leisure Centre. Linda is a personal trainer at the Leisure Centre.

Visitors were invited to give generously to the charity by purchasing cakes from the cake stall or supporting the ‘cycle ride’ which, at the time of our picture, had exceeded 100 kilometers. The total for that first day eventually proved to be a staggering 180 kilometres!

Linda’s ‘static ride’ on a cycle machine represents the 333 mile distance between Paris and London and is due to take three days to complete.

Linda’s brother is due to take the Sunflower Challenge in July, taking four days to complete the ride.

The Sunflower Challenge requires those participating to be able to raise £1,400 and Linda’s effort is designed to help her brother get to that figure.

Linda told Enderby EYE website:

“I’m aiming to raise around £500 or £600 over the three days. I’m well on target and I’ve actually been raising money since February.”

Linda went on to say that she needs to do 178 kilometres (about 111 miles) on the cycle machine each day. In fact, on her first day she achieved 185 kilometres, keeping her just ahead of her target.

Meeting this target means cycling for around seven and a half hours each of the three days, breaking off only for bathroom breaks and change of clothing.

To replenish the ‘spent energy’, she is also trying to eat whilst riding. Linda says she burned off 6,500 calories on the first day!

Also on the first day, Linda’s niece Elisse was on hand to help sell a large number of cup cakes baked by a friend. Sale of the cakes should help to raise an additional £100.


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