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96% of residents ‘satisfied’ as survey highlights council strengths

084-district-townA Residents Survey undertaken by Blaby District Council has shown that a large majority of people living within the local authority are satisfied with its services.

1138 respondents living within the district were canvassed for the biennial survey, with the results helping identify the strongest performing areas of the council, whilst also recognising areas to improve and benefit residents.

The results showed that 96% of residents questioned were satisfied with the council’s services. This figure compares with an average satisfaction rating of 74% within English local authorities. 89% also felt the council offered value for money; significantly higher than the national average of 52%.

For one of the highest profile council services, 97% of people said they were satisfied with refuse collections, while 96% are satisfied with recycling collections.

Blaby District is one of the only local authorities in the county with a weekly collection for all recycling materials.

With many parks including Fosse Meadows, Bouskell Park and Jubilee Park, 91% were satisfied with the parks and open spaces offered by the council, with 95% saying they felt safe when out and about in the district.

“Hearing the views of our residents is important so we know what we’re doing well and which areas we can strive to improve, especially as we are working in a challenging financial environment for all local authorities.”

Full results of the Residents Survey are available on the council’s website at www.blaby.gov.uk/residents-survey