Suspicious caller operating in Leicestershire

Blaby District Council OfficesBlaby District Council and its partners within the city and county have been made aware of a suspicious caller posing as being from both Leicestershire County Council and Leicester City Council.

The caller is advising people that they are required to make an additional payment to their Council Tax, and attempts to take payment over the telephone.

If you receive a call of this nature please be cautious and double check that the person calling is who they say they are. Leicestershire County Council do not deal with Council Tax for any district or borough in the county.

Should you do receive a call from someone in relation to Council Tax, ask them to give you the Council Tax reference number and the balance outstanding, and check this against your bill.

Never give bank details or personal information to anyone that you don’t feel is 100% genuine. Any reputable company will be happy for you to check they are who they say they are before you give out personal information.

We recommend asking the caller for their name and contact details so that you can call them back in order to check that they are legitimate. Official callers should have no problem providing you with this information as they will understand that you are cautious about giving out personal information over the phone.

If the caller is not genuine they are likely to become defensive or flustered when questioned for this information.

If the caller provides you with their contact details, please check the number against the number of the relevant council tax department for your area. If the numbers do not match we recommend calling the number on the council’s website and asking to speak to the person who has called you.

Visit for full contact details and information regarding Council Tax within the District of Blaby.

If you have a Council Tax query for Blaby District Council, call 0116 272 7530.

If you believe you have been a victim of this type of call please report it to Leicestershire Police by calling 101.

[Source: Blaby District Council Communications]

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