Spring launch for new recycling scheme

Spring 2013 will see the launch of a new recycling scheme in Blaby district.

Following two well received recycling trials involving over 4,000 households in parts of Braunstone Town, Sharnford, Sapcote, Leicester Forest East, Narborough and Aston Flamville, Councillors have voted in favour of introducing a new system for the district’s kerbside collection scheme.

It will make recycling easier for residents, allowing them to put all their cans, plastics, paper and cardboard into the same wheeled bin.

The new scheme also offers environmental improvements by reducing the number of vehicles from six to three, reducing the amount of fuel used and providing less congestion on the roads.

Councillor Guy Jackson, Portfolio Holder for Regulatory and Neighbourhood Services said:

We welcome this new scheme, which will not only make recycling easier for residents, but save money and reduce the Council’s carbon footprint.

Refuse collections will continue to be made weekly and recycling will be collected fortnightly. Residents will receive a new 240ltr recycling wheeled bin.

Glass will not be collected, which will save over £200,000, but glass recycling will still be possible by using local recycling banks.

Since the Council started to collect glass 22 years ago, the price of mixed glass has fallen and the cost of diesel has risen to a point where it now costs £200,000 each year to collect glass from residents’ houses.

Because glass at recycling sites is colour separated it does command a higher price making this method of collection financially viable.

The Council will endeavour to increase the number of glass recycling bank sites in the district prior to the new scheme commencing.

For more information email env.health@blaby.gov.uk or call customer services on            0116 272 7555      .

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