Enderby residents voice concerns over New Lubbesthorpe development proposal.

A large number of people attended a public meeting in Enderby Civic Centre on the evening of Wednesday, June 20th.

The Chairman of Enderby Parish Council, Mrs. Sylvia Conway, had called the Public Meeting to discuss Planning Application 11/0100/1/OX (proposed ‘New Lubbesthorpe’ development) submitted by Hallam Land Management, Barratt, David Wilson Homes and Davidson Developments.

Cllr. Conway opened the meeting at 7.30pm and informed those attending that the Council’s position was that it “strongly opposes” the development application  based on a number of grounds.

Residents were invited to speak on aspects of the proposal that were of particular concern to them and in the event the issues were in keeping with the list of objections drawn up by the Parish Council at its meeting held on the 13th June, namely:

  • The change to the exit at Leicester Lane will increase traffic flow at the Foxhunter Roundabout – an already heavily congested route – leading to a dangerous gyratory roundabout with more than a proportionate number of accidents reported.
  • Enderby village cannot cope with existing vehicle numbers and increased traffic movements will exacerbate existing traffic problems.
  • There is already increased traffic along Blaby Road due to service road access by parents and children attending Brockington College and no pedestrian crossing point exists on Blaby Road.
  • More traffic will be forced through an historical village which was not built to take this amount of traffic passing through. This will impact upon householders whose homes are built on narrow roads and increase of vibration/noise and quality of air.
  • The narrow roads of Enderby are only suitable for one-way traffic and as a result of prohibited right-hand turn into Beggars Lane from the Mill Hill will result in drivers trying to find an alternative route in order to make a left-hand turn down Beggars Lane, potentially using NEXT’s entrance as a turning point to do so, or by creating a rat-run through in-village streets to exit via Seine Lane/Forest Road/Desford Road. This could potentially increase risk of accidents and possibly crime with incidents of assault (road-rage incidents) and increase risk to vulnerable road users, cyclists, children, elderly and other pedestrians.
  • The Medium to Large disadvantages outweigh the small to medium disadvantages (stated by the consultation documentation).
  • Enderby will be gridlocked as there are a number of other potential development proposals e.g. Soar Valley Park and proposals for the Whetstone Recycling and Household Waste site and it is a regularly reported fact that the B582 is the busiest B road in the County of Leicestershire being a heavily used arterial route through a residential area in Enderby (Mill Hill/Hall Walk/Blaby Road) for traffic travelling to and from the A47.
  • Construction traffic will also adversely affect the flow of traffic in Enderby, which is already congested during peak travel times with traffic queuing as far back as Desford Road in ordr to turn left into Leicester Lane towards the M1/M69 Motorway Junction 21.
  • Increased deterioratiuon of air quality – current levels are already borderline and increased traffic movements will have an adverse effect on the health of residents.
  • Removal of important farmland which is a national resource and will have detrimental implications for the local area and is not in accordance with Blaby District Council’s Local Plan ‘Countryside’ Policies.
  • No proven need for industrial buildings.

‘Public awareness’ in Enderby regarding developments in the planning application process were called into question. Clerk to Enderby Parish Council, Ms. Suzanne Hansford, told the meeting that notices announcing the public meeting had beeen publicised around the village, on Council notice boards and the Council’s website – as well as local media. A representative from the Leicester Forest East Residents Action Group (LFE-RAG) suggested use of social media sites such as Facebook to assist in the dissemination of information and encourage public responses. The Council will review its communication strategy at its next meeting to see if and what improvements to communication can be implemented.

The LFE-RAG also announced that it will be holding  two public events both being staged at the Parish Hall, Kings Drive, Leicester Forest East, LE3 3JD, where  members of the public can meet members of the Residents Action Group and look at the development documents. Everyone is invited.

Monday 25th June 2012 between 6pm and 9pm

 Tuesday 26th June 2012 between 6pm and 9pm

The LFE-RAG website may be viewed at www.lfe-rag.blogspot.com

LFE-RAG also have a Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/LFE.RAG

The revised plans are available to view online at www.blaby.gov.uk/lubbesthorpe and are also available to view in Enderby library.

View Enderby Parish Council website at http://enderby.leicestershireparishcouncils.org

See Also: News item 15th June 2012:  New Lubbesthorpe consultation extended.

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