Residents say Foxhunter lights ’cause accidents’

Photo: Leicester Mercury

Enderby residents fear a misleading set of traffic lights is causing accidents on the busy Foxhunter roundabout.

Local media is reporting reidents as saying a set of pedestrian traffic lights before one entry to the roundabout is confusing for drivers who may think the lights are a signal to enter the roundabout.

The three other entrances to the roundabout all have traffic lights for motorists driving on to it – but the lights at the Enderby Road entrance are to help pedestrians cross the road and are not to signal when it is safe to pull out.


Nine accidents

There have been nine accidents which resulted in someone being injured since 2009 when improvements – including changes to traffic lights – were made to the roundabout.

But there was only one such incident in the three years prior to the improvements.

Mike Clarke, 69, who lives near the roundabout, told the Leicester Mercury

“It is a major accident waiting to happen”.

He said: “I’ve seen a few near misses on it and I’ve nearly been hit a couple of times myself where people think it’s their right of way.

“It’s a major route and when traffic is going towards the roundabout from that road, they think the green light is for them to join it.

“I don’t know why the council didn’t put traffic lights on that exit of the roundabout and make it a lot safer?

“It’s just a major accident waiting to happen.”


Council to discuss the issue

The issue is set to be discussed at next month’s Enderby Parish Council meeting.

Parish council chairman Councillor Jim Bartlett told the Leicester Mercury:

“We are fully aware of the concerns and the issue will be discussed at next month’s meeting.

“I personally agree with the residents, in that the traffic lights are in the wrong place and the roundabout is now an accident blackspot.”

In June 2009, Leicestershire County Council carried out work on the roundabout which included the introduction of additional lanes, pedestrian and cycle crossings and the changing of traffic signal timings.

A spokesman for the County Council who are responsible for highways said:

“Improvement works were completed to help reduce traffic queues.

“The uncontrolled arm of this roundabout was not signalised because to do so would have resulted in more queues and delays on the Blaby Road approach.”

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