Police rush woman in labour to hospital

PC Chico Vadhia, Mrs Clay and PC Sarah Hansell with baby Arabella

PC4735 Sarah Hansell and PC 4743 Kelly Wilson were parked in a marked police vehicle at the Foxhunter roundabout, Enderby when they were approached by a male asking for directions to Leicester General Hospital Maternity Unit as his wife was in labour.

Mrs Sophia Clay had planned to have her baby at Melton but it was decided just before 4am that she should go to the Leicester General Hospital. She had worked out the route from her home in Uppingham but as her labour progressed she and her husband were trying to map read and got very lost.

The two officers escorted Mr and Mrs Clay to the Racecourse Island at Oadby where they met with PC 936 Chico Vadhia and PC9 Dean Munsey. The decision was made to transfer Mrs Clay into the front seat of PC Vadhia’s marked vehicle with full blues and twos activated.

PC Dean Munsey followed in the second marked vehicle whilst the two female officers followed the convoy in Mr and Mrs Clay’s vehicle.

PC Chico Vadhia from Wigston local policing unit (LPU) said;

“After travelling at high speed across the city and safely reaching the Maternity Hospital, I ran into the reception area and located a wheelchair, ran back to the car and transferred Mrs Clay into it and handed her over to the care of the Maternity Unit staff.”

PC Wilson from Blaby LPU said;

“It made me very happy to help someone in this situation. It was totally unexpected at the end of a long night shift and it was a refreshing change to deal with this sort of event. However, the event has made me very broody!”

PC Hansell from Blaby LPU said;

“I was just happy that I was able to help Mr and Mrs Clay. I became a police officer to try and help people and I was relieved when we made it to the hospital in time and that everyone arrived safe and well.”

Mrs Sophia Clay said;

“I had to send my thanks on Facebook right away. In the early hours of Thursday May 3, my husband was driving me in the full swing of labour to Leicester General Hospital when we became completely lost. We stopped and asked the friendliest police officers who personally drove me to hospital where I delivered a healthy baby girl, Arabella weighing 9lb 12ozs an hour later.

“Had the officers not managed to get us to hospital straight away then I would have given birth in the lay-by.

“Chico, the officer driving was so professional and courteous along with the other officer driving the other police car and the officers who drove our car.

“This team are such a credit to the force, and if all your officers are half as good as this lot, the country is in very good hands.”

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