Leicestershire constabulary new uniforms displayed

Police display their ‘new look’

Leicestershire constabulary new uniforms displayedThis week, members of the public will notice a change to the uniforms of police constables, sergeants and police community support officers (PCSOs).

Operational police officers, sergeants and PCSOs, those you see patrolling the streets or meet when attending a call for assistance, will now be wearing a black (for police officers) or blue (for PCSOs) operational shirt.

The more traditional white shirt with tie or cravat will be retained for more senior officers and for ceremonial occasions.

The decision to move to operational shirts to replace white shirts will bring Leicestershire into line with the majority of other UK police forces who have already adopted this new style, and achieves greater consistency between frontline officers and those undertaking more specialist roles, thereby reducing the number of different garments supplied.

Chief Superintendent Geoff Feavyour, Chair of the Officer Safety and Uniform Equipment Group said:

“The Force is committed to the health, safety and welfare of officers, and with this in mind, the new style shirt will provide a more practical and comfortable garment for officers and staff undertaking operational duties wearing high visibility body armour.

“The duties undertaken by police officers and PCSOs can be very demanding and often physically strenuous; the new shirts are better suited to their varied role.

“Their introduction will mean that further cost savings will be achieved in the future through shared procurement and falling in line with most other police forces, and offer better value for money.”

Photographs of police officers and PCSOs in their new uniform, and a guide to the full uniform worn by police officers and PCSOs including the equipment they carry can be found on our Pinterest site.

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