New Year robbery in Glen Parva

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Female attacked on Leicester Road, close to junction with Glenville Avenue

Police say that people on their way home from seeing-in the New Year may have vital information about a robbery in Glen Parva.

The incident took place at the junction of the A426 Leicester Road and Glenville Avenue just after 1am on January 1st and police are now appealing for witnesses.

The female victim was walking towards Glenville Avenue when the male attacker riding a bicycle approached her from behind.

He made verbal threats to her, knocked her to the ground, then reached into her coat pocket and stole her mobile phone.

He ran off city-bound along Leicester Road – leaving his green Raleigh bike behind him.

The crime is being investigated by Detective Constable 0514 Chris Coates who says:

“This was a nasty incident. The victim was left with some minor bruising and was understandably shaken by her ordeal.

“I know that Leicester Road was busy with motorists and pedestrians at that time, and I would ask people to cast their mind back to the early hours of the New Year to see if there is anything that could help our investigation.

“I am also interested in where this bicycle came from. Do you know someone who used to have a green Raleigh but no longer had it after January 1?”

The suspect is described as slim, about 16-20 years old, and was wearing a light coloured hooded top.

Anyone with information should call Detective Constable 0514 Chris Coates on 101; when prompted enter his identity code 0514. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 222.

Crime number: LB/00002/15-9

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