New parish proposal is a non-starter

A proposal to form separate parish council areas for BraunstoneTown and Thorpe Astley will not be taken forward.

Blaby District Council sent 7,000 letters to all households in the BraunstoneTown parish area in August this year as part of an informal consultation to measure support for the proposal but only 754 people responded in favour.

Before the consultation began it was agreed that 10 per cent of all electors in BraunstoneTown (1,300 people) would need to show support for the idea if it was to progress.

A further 394 people said they opposed the suggestion.

Braunstone Town Council has said it recognises the need to review its council seats to properly reflect the population spread of the area and the district council has agreed to support them in this process and carry out a further consultation in spring this year.

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