New bin collection scheme to be trialled in Blaby district

Two neighbourhoods in Blaby district are set to trial a new refuse and recycling scheme as the Council looks to simplify waste collection, improve service, save money and reduce its carbon footprint.

Around 2,000 households in parts of Narborough and Leicester Forest East will take part in the four-week trial where refuse and recycling will both be collected every week, using only two wheeled bins and one vehicle.

Under the Council’s current system refuse is collected each week and recycling once a fortnight. Households are given a bin for refuse and separate containers for paper and card, glass, and plastic and cans. Three different vehicles are also needed to make the collections.

The Council wants to reduce the number of containers, the sorting required by residents and the number of vehicles involved. The aim is to make it easier for people to recycle whilst reducing the cost and environmental impact of the service.

During the trial collections will be made using one vehicle with separate sections for refuse and recycling.

Glass – which currently costs the Council £200,000 a year to collect from households – will not be collected for recycling under the pilot scheme. Residents are asked to use their nearest recycling centre or put any glass in their refuse bin.

Councillor Guy Jackson, portfolio holder for regulatory and neighbourhood services said:

“We want to make recycling easier and more efficient for our residents while reducing our impact on the environment. This is one option we are considering but we need to see how it works in practice and consider the comments we receive before any decisions are made.

“Households in Blaby district are generally very good at recycling so we are asking them to help us make this trial a success by taking part and giving us any feedback they have.”

The trial will begin in Narborough on Tuesday April 24 and the following day in Leicester Forest East.

The Council has written to every household taking part in the scheme and will do so again following the trial to gather opinions and feedback on the pilot project.

Only those who have been contacted directly will be affected and refuse and recycling collections in the rest of Blaby district go ahead as normal throughout the trial period.

For more information email or call customer services on 0116 272 7555.

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