Looking for Lurcher Lovers…

Grace, who is a ten year old bitch, and Tippex, a three year old dog, have both found themselves homeless after found straying in the district.

Michelle Ikin with lurchers
Michelle Ikin with lurchers Grace and Tippex

Michelle Ikin, senior dog warden, said:

“Although they came to us separately they have become very good friends whilst in our care and it would be lovely if we could find someone who may be able to offer them a home together.

“Both dogs were quite depressed in the kennels so staff decided to see if they got on to cheer them both up. The results were instant. Tippex was spending a lot of time in his bed and seemed to have lost interest, but as soon as he met Grace he got his spark back.

“The two dogs have now developed quite bond and we feel it would be lovely for them to start their new lives together as a pair.”

Anyone who could offer either dog or indeed both dogs a home can contact the Dog Wardens on 0116 272 7515 or email env.health@blaby.gov.uk

Around 160 strays are picked up each year by the local authority’s dog wardens and about half of these are left homeless.

Photos and descriptions of all available dogs are available at www.blaby.gov.uk/dogs.

All animals are assessed, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (where possible) and a fee of £105 is charged to cover these costs.

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