Local police activity during August


Enderby is top of the league and, sadly, not in a particularly good way!

According to the latest report from the local beat team, they have spent an amount of time during August tackling several instances  of  Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

The report says that the team have had more reports of motorcycles being used on Narborough cricket club and this is being looked into.

They also had reports of a motor bike being used at Jubilee Park, a ‘section 59’ is set to be issued. (Section 59 of the Police Reform Act deals with seizure of a vehicle or warnings of possible seizure).

During August, burglary (dwellings, garages, garden sheds and business premises) in those areas covered by the local beat team saw 2 instances in Enderby and none in  Narborough, Littlethorpe, Fosse Park or Lubbesthorpe.

Vehicle Crime, which includes theft of/from and damage to motor
vehicles, Enderby scored 5 cases, Narborough 2 cases and Littlethorpe and Lubbesthorpe 1 case each.  Only Fosse Park escaped with a ‘clean sheet’.

In reality, instances of burglary and vehicle crime across all the areas covered by the team are low – although, of course, to the ‘victims’ that is little consolation.

Anti-social behaviour, in all its forms, is probably more noticeable during the school holidays. However it would be wrong to take from that an inference that anti-social behaviour is the sole province of school age kids.

A new set of dates for beat surgeries for residents of Enderby, Narborough and Littlethorpe has been announced. (See the Enderby EYE ‘Events’ page here).

Figures cover the period 1st August 2018 to 28th of August 2018