Local Area Coordination – Come and learn about this new scheme


(Updated 18/11/14)

Key community stakeholders are being invited to an event to learn about an exciting new scheme that is starting in Enderby.

Local Area Coordination (LAC) is an approach to supporting people and their families so they can enjoy a quality of life as part of their local community.

It is “…a model of support for vulnerable people which focuses on identifying and supporting those who need help before they reach crisis and working towards building an inclusive, resilient community around them.”

A meeting where people can learn more about the scheme, including how to become involved, is to be held at Enderby Civic Centre on Wednesday 19th November, commencing at 7.00pm.

Those wishing to attend are asked to confirm their attendance by either emailing mas@blaby.gov.uk or by telephone: 0116 272 7725.

View invitation flyer here.

LAC was originally developed in Western Australia in the 1980’s and is now being implemented across parts of England and Wales. It is an early intervention based approach, and aims to support people and their families to have a good life as part of their local community.

Some of the  desired outcomes for individuals and communities through the LAC project include:
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Fewer hospital/emergency admissions and visits to GP
  • Better quality of life; improved confidence and independence
  • Stronger individuals, families and communities
  • Improved community links and social interactions
  • Greater community cohesion, community capacity and resilience
  • Positive use of community assets and resources
  • Increased levels of people engaging in volunteering, training or employment

The scheme is currently running in other areas of the UK including Derby, Thurrock, Monmouthshire and Cumbria

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