Library Management Committee submit business plan to save Enderby Library

Enderby LibraryA Business Plan, outlining the way forward for Enderby Library following the withdrawal of funding by the County Council, has received approval from the Enderby Library Management Committee (ELMC), set up by Enderby Parish Council on 12th August 2015.

The Management Committee, made up of Parish Councillors and volunteers, held its inaugural meeting on 27th August, at which time the Committee considered the contents of a draft business plan raised under the auspices of the Parish Council on behalf of the community.

In order to properly scrutinise the draft business plan and consider any amendments, the ELMC resolved that it would meet again on 3rd September to finalise the document.

At the 3rd September meeting the Management Committee appointed Mrs. M. Hetherington as Volunteer Co-ordinator and resolved that the business plan be approved and submitted to Leicestershire County Council the following day, Friday, 4th September (deadline date for submission of the business plan).

If accepted, the next significant milestone will be formal acceptance of the business plan by a meeting of the County Council Cabinet on October 7th.

Enderby Parish Council currently has 4 vacancies on the Council. Anyone interested in learning more about the role of Councillor or taking an active role as a volunteer in Enderby Community Library are asked to contact the Clerk, Ms. S. Hansford, Tel. 0116 2753711, or email

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