Leicestershire Police adopt #GiveSpaceBeSafe

Inconsiderate motorists could find themselves receiving a lesson from the police who are targeting drivers who get too close to cyclists.

Leicestershire police are adopting a scheme that started in the West Midlands called #GiveSpaceBeSafe.

Rules 212 and 213 of the Highway Code deal with procedures  when passing a motorcyclist or cyclist, by giving them plenty of room and being prepared for them ‘changing direction’.*

Plain clothes officers on bikes are pulling-over motorists who are observed to be driving too close to cyclists – then showing them how much room they should be giving.

The West Midlands Police are reported as saying the scheme resulted in a drop in the number of close-passes reported to them.

[Video source: https://youtu.be/Chfa8Gzj3bE]
*Pages linked-to are on website ‘HighwayCode.info‘ which is an independent website and is not associated with the Department for Transport or any other government agency

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