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Originally published 24th February 2011

BusinessAt a time when issues involving weight-loss and lifestyles are getting a lot of airing in the media, Enderby residents can avail themselves of some excellent local counselling from a lady willing to help – based on her own experience.

Janet Washington used to suffer from high blood pressure and a range of other health issues that were being made worse by her weight.

Janet joined a weight management programme and after losing six stone, found her health and energy levels increased dramatically.

Janet says:

“I’ve achieved a goal I set so often and never managed to reach – until I embarked on the programme.”

The programme, called ‘LighterLife’, worked for her and Janet goes on to say that she is now experiencing a new lease of life.

So impressed was she with her own achievement, Janet underwent some rigorous training to become a Counsellor for the LighterLife programme.


Each LighterLife Counsellor holds a BTEC professional certificate or diploma in Weight-Management Consultancy, accredited by Edexcel, a leading provider of internationally recognised qualifications.

Janet explains:

“I became a LighterLife Counsellor to help others experience the new lease of life losing weight gave me.

“People sholdn’t think because they have failed in the past they’re going to fail again.”

During the weekend Saturday 26th 1-4pm / Sunday 27th February 11am – 3pm, Janet will join colleagues for an ‘Open Day’ at Unit 4, Fernleigh Business Park, Blaby Road, Enderby.

Anyone who has struggled with their weight is welcome to attend the Open Day where they can have a free health check with a nurse on site. There’s also opportunity to meet people who have completed the programme and since maintained their weight.

There’s a chance to win £10 worth of vouchers and also claim a free goody bag!

Anyone who would like to understand why they overeat – and learn the skills needed to manage their weight long term can attend the Open Day or call Janet directly on (0116) 2001939 or 07758 224297. Email:

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