Indian police delegation welcomed by Leicestershire Police

Leicestershire Chief Constable welcomes Indian delegation
The Chief Constable welcomes the Indian delegation to Leicestershire Police HQ.
Photo: Leics. Police

Last Tuesday (7th February) five senior police officers and two academics from India visited Leicestershire Police sites to learn how the force deals with sexual and domestic violence cases.

The guests were on a study tour organised by Sheffield Hallam University as part of a project aimed at improving access to justice for female and child victims of violence.

They spent the day meeting and sharing experiences with the force’s Child Abuse Investigation Unit, Child Sexual Exploitation Team, Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit and Sexual Assault Referral Centre.

Chief Constable Simon Cole said:

“It was a privilege to be asked to host our Indian guests and enable them to experience first-hand how we deal with complex cases of violence against women and girls.

“Their visit provided a great opportunity to listen to their insights and understand the issues in a different context.

“As their visit coincided with Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week they joined us in saying #ItsNotOk wherever you are.”

The seven-strong delegation was led by Anuradha Shankar, a senior officer in the Madhya Pradesh state police force.

Ms Shankar said:

“This visit has shown us the importance of a multi-dimensional approach to social justice.

“Aspects of people’s lives – how they live, where they live and how they interact – are all vital elements when understanding the issue of gender-based violence.

“It is also clear that the issue cannot be addressed simply through traditional policing methods.

“We have discussed the importance of areas such as counselling for victims and the availability of female police officers for communities who traditionally would be used to dealing with just male officers.”

[Source and Photo: Leicestershire Constabulary]

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