Inauguration of bench seat on Southey Park

Pupils and staff from Brockington College and Pastures Primary School together with representatives from Enderby Parish Council, gathered at Southey Park recreation ground on Tuesday 27th March to inaugurate a park bench in memory of 12yr old Niamh Dickinson who passed away on October 13th last year.

Niamh had been born with a heart defect and had been fitted with a pacemaker but she unexpectedly collapsed leaving the medical establishment baffled as to the exact cause of her death.

Fellow pupils were left devastated by Niamh’s death and Brockington PE teacher Jo Wyeth came up with the idea of paying tribute to her by raising money for a memorial.

Her twin brother, Aidan, her friends and fellow pupils raised more than £5,000 by taking part in a fun run when 500 pupils and staff all in fancy dress on a wet and muddy Friday afternoon took part in the run around the school sports field. The money funded the memorial bench at Southey Park where Niamh loved to play, as well as a memorial tree in the grounds of the school and a cup for ‘Artist of the Year’ to be awarded annually at the college. Money has also been donated to a charity, ‘Heart Link’, which supports children with congenital heart disorders.

Chris Southall, principal at Brockington College addressed those assembled for the inauguration saying that Niamh was a fun loving and popular girl and also paid tribute to her friends and fellow pupils who have honoured Niamh’s memory in such a positive manner.

Niamh’s mum Lisa was on hand for the official ‘cutting of the ribbon’ on the memorial bench and spoke briefly about the understanding, strength and support shown by Niamh’s friends as well as Niamh’s twin brother Aidan.




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