Huncote animal rescue centre appeal

An animal rescue centre is appealing for help to rehome a number of cats after being inundated with strays.

At Leicester Animal Aid, in Huncote, there is a waiting list of about four months to take in cats for rehoming – a massive increase from 2008, when the wait was just two weeks.

The charity’s cattery is now full with 35 unwanted pets – and cats are brought in on a daily basis.

General manager Keely Short said there was a particular problem with pregnant female cats and litters being born because owners have not had their pets neutered or spayed.

She said: “The increasing population of cats in our gardens are potentially causing a problem for us.

“If they have diseases, they are likely to infect domestic pet cats.”

The centre has 14 cats ready to go to new homes.

These include six-year-old Mia and Lola and kittens Rudi and Honey, who were just two weeks old when they were abandoned .

Anyone interested in adopting a cat can visit the cattery between 11am and 2.30pm, Monday to Sunday, or call             01455 888257      .

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