Good Samaritan solves Leicester Lane flood problem with ‘low-tech’ solution

leicester lane 1A local resident has come to the rescue and released the flood water that had closed Leicester Lane since Wednesday morning and disrupted motorists using this major route into and out of Enderby.

Blaby Road resident, Steve Hall, utilised a very low-tech approach to resolving the issue and told Enderby EYE:

“I spent 15 minutes with a big stick unblocking a couple of the drains in Leicester Lane to end 2 days of traffic disruption in the village.”

He said the main offending articles were apparently two pieces of polythene and once they had been cleared it took only took 45 minutes for the water to drain away.

Steve continued:

“As far as I know Leicester Lane did not flood last year but the year before I did the same thing twice.

I walk my dog down there so it’s not out of my way – but why the County Council can’t clear the drains I do not know.”

Thankfully, Steve’s actions have made life easier for the Friday home school run and rush hour commute.

leicester lane 2

Flood water recedes after ‘poking-stick’ intervention

leicester lane 1


One piece of offending material!

[Photos courtesy of Steve Hall]

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