Fur Coat and Magic Knickers …coming to Enderby!

fur coat magic knickersGot your attention? Good! Fur Coat and Magic Knickers is the next play to grace Enderby Civic Centre in March.

The production is sponsored by Enderby Parish Council, in partnership with Enderby Twinning Association.

It is the next in a long line of performances brought to the community by the Parish Council and the Twinning Association and is set to maintain the high standard enjoyed by audiences of previous productions, including last April’s well-received “Lights Out Land Girls” by the Badapple Theatre Company.

Fur Coat & Magic Knickers, written in 2009 by playwright Rona Munro, is a one woman comedy drama.

The action takes place in a shopping centre where we find “Second Hand” Rose looking for an outfit for the hot date she‘ll bring to her daughter’s wedding; her personal shopping assistant Jenny, whose job depends on her sales returns; and the shopping addict pensioner Maggie whose debts force her into twisted Robin Hood-like acquisitions. And a miraculous pair of knickers!

In summary:
76 year old Maggie is a compulsive shopper
38 year old Personal Shopper is at breaking point
50 something Rose’s last new fashion buy was a set of thermals in 1994
Which one of these retail victims, all played by actress Fiona Knowles, will crash the Emergency Exit?

The show will be held on Saturday, 5th March, 2016 at 7.30 pm
Admittance: 12+yrs
The venue is Enderby Civic Centre and tickets are priced at £8 (£5 concessions).

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