Refuse collection

Feedback on recent refuse and recycling trial

Refuse collectionBack in April this year around 2,000 households in parts of Narborough and Leicester Forest East trialled a new refuse and recycling scheme.

Under the Council’s current system refuse is collected each week and recycling once a fortnight. Households are given a bin for refuse and separate containers for paper and card, glass, and plastic and cans. Three different vehicles are also needed to make the collections.

The Council wants to reduce the number of containers, the sorting required by residents and the number of vehicles involved. The aim is to make it easier for people to recycle whilst reducing the cost and environmental impact of the service.

During the trial both refuse and recycling were collected weekly, people were asked to use only one bin for recycling (except glass which was not collected) and everything was collected using one vehicle instead of three.

After the trial the Council asked people for their feedback and more than 1,000 households responded, and they thank everyone for giving the Council their views!

The report of what people said about the trial is available to read here:

» Options for change report

The Council will now evaluate all feedback from residents and staff alongside information on the amount of recycling collected, fuel used and the cost of collections during the trial, before making a decision on how to move forward.

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