‘Everards Meadows’ development gets underway

Everards Meadows Map

Construction of the first phase of the new ‘Everards Meadows’ in Enderby has begun.

The site, located adjacent to the old Everards Brewery and next door to the police headquarters, will become a new tourist destination in the district celebrating food and drink.

Anchored by Everards of Leicestershire, their new brewery and offices will be part of the final development, as well as a beer hall, hospitality and retail space.

A café and cycle centre will be built during the first phase of construction alongside the spine road, car parking, cycle and footpaths, and a bridge over the River Soar.

The pedestrian and cycle paths, coupled with the industry-leading cycle centre, will make Everards Meadows one of the top destinations in the area for cyclists and people visiting the site on foot.


Excited about pedestrian and cycle links

cllr Sheila Scott
Cllr. Sheila Scott

Councillor Sheila Scott, Portfolio Holder for Planning, Economic and Community Development, said: “We are so pleased to see this promising development get underway. The fact Everards have committed their long-term future in the District is great news.

“We are particularly excited to see the new pedestrian and cycle links that will connect the site with both the District of Blaby and Leicester City, ensuring that people can visit the site by cycling or walking.”

The next phase of development, which will include the brewery, beer hall and offices, is expected to begin at the end of 2018.

For more information on the planning applications, visit www.blaby.gov.uk/planning, and search 15/1524/RM.

For more details on the Everards Meadows development, visit www.everardsmeadows.co.uk.

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