Event asks “Is your child strapped in the car seat properly?”

CCS_pic_17_8_15On Monday 17th August, Leicestershire Police and Leicester City Council held an event to raise awareness of ill-fitted child seats.

During the event vehicles were checked to ensure that child car seats had been fitted correctly and that they were appropriate for the child, for example that the child was not too small/big for the seat.

The event, held at Meridian Leisure Park on Lubbersthorpe Way, was run by officers from the Braunstone Town and Thorpe Astley Dedicated Neighbourhood Team, and Road Safety Officers from Leicester City Council.

112 vehicles were checked, however only three passed the inspection.

Of the other 109 vehicles, four were told they could not leave the site until the correct seats had been brought to the site, this included one private hire vehicle. The rest were given advice and had the seat fitted correctly.

PC Stuart Clough said:

“It is really worrying the amount of cars that didn’t have the seats fitted correctly. At the end of the day this could have devastating consequences if the car was in an accident.

“We would like to urge people to check their child’s car seat is fitted properly every time they make a journey.”

Leicester City Council Road Safety Officers handed out advice leaflets, key rings and stickers to drivers whilst checking their vehicles.

The majority of drivers were supportive and most welcomed the safety checks.

For more information on fitting a child seat, see the Leicester City Council website:


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