Enderby keeps its post office as Co-op steps in

Post Office counter at Enderby Co-op
Post Office counter at Enderby Co-op

Updated 6-4-11

Enderby’s post office service has been saved after a successor was found to replace its retiring sub-post master.

David Lapworth feared the village of Enderby would lose the service as he had planned to give up work before the end of last year and had been unable to find somebody to take on the job.

David, 64, who has run the post office in Mill Lane for 20 years with his wife, Lorraine, said he had tried without success to try to get someone to buy it.

However,  the Co-op store in nearby Cross Street has opened a post office counter at the rear of its store.

Before retiring, David told local media:

“I asked a number of shops and businesses in Enderby to buy the place and run it as a post office but none of them wanted to do it.

“As my retirement date approached I was getting more and more concerned that I would finish up and there would be nobody to take it on.

“It is a huge relief to know that the Co-op is stepping in so the many people who do use this post office will have another to go to nearby.

“I think the Co-op realised what a benefit they would get because a post office draws potential customers in for them.”

In December last year David agreed to delay his retirement until the new branch opened. He said:

“At first they said it would open in January, then February and now it seems like March is more likely but I don’t mind hanging on so it’s a smooth hand-over.”

Enderby Post Office
Postmaster says old post office will convert into a garage

He says the post office area, which is part of his house, will be converted into a garage to help him sell the property on.

Co-op manager Kenny Hardy told the Leicester Mercury:

“We would like to have the post office here because it will bring additional customers through the door and keep a post office in the village.

“There’s a 16-week consultation and we are looking to open up after that.”

Enderby’s county councillorJackie Dickinson said had David retired without a successor the nearest post office would have been in Narborough.

She said:

“That would have been terrible for all the old people and young mums who don’t have cars but need to get to post office for their pensions or benefits.”

Enderby resident Terry Scott, 60, told the newspaper:

“I shall be very sad to see the couple in the post office go because they are lovely and helpful but I am very glad that the post office is not going with them.

“It’s essential for a village of this size to have one.”

A Post Office spokeswoman made a statement saying:

“We are pleased to confirm that a prospective sub-postmaster has been found to take over the running of this branch in the local Co-op store at 19 Cross Street.”

Post office counter


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