Enderby water supply finally getting back to normal after the big freeze

Photo: Severn Trent Water

On 6th March, Severn Trent Water reported that the majority of their customers were starting to see their water returning, although some may still be experiencing ‘intermittent supply’ as the network starts to get back to normal.

The water supplier said the network remained under pressure due to massive increase of burst pipes following the thaw and they asked customers to help relieve the problem by using less water, in order to  make sure that everybody has water.

Severn Trent website says:

“Our teams will still be out fixing as many leaks as possible and working round the clock.

Following the rapid thaw that has seen our teams called out to an unprecedented number of burst pipes. To put that into perspective, we’ve had an increase in burst pipe alarms of nearly 4000%.”

Severn Trent say that “…small pockets of our network experienced low pressure or periodic interruptions to supply [during the past weekend.] Since then our teams have been working tirelessly throughout the night to fix many of the bursts, and as a result we have managed to restore supplies to everyone who was impacted.

“We would like to offer a huge apology to these customers for any disruption to their day, we know just how hard it is to be without water and we hugely appreciate everyone’s patience, as our teams work around the clock to fix the bursts and reduce any impact to our customers.”

And how cold was last week? Well, based on the Central England Temperature measure it was the coldest 28th February since 1785. The 1st March was the coldest day for any March day since 1878.


On 6th March, Severn Trent Water Tweeted:

“We will be paying £30 compensation to any customers who were without water for more than 12 continuous hours, or for more than 15 hours of intermittent supply.”

More details are on the Severn Trent Water website.

Customers can get all the latest updates via the website and Twitter @stwater

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