Enderby Village Fete

The Enderby Fete Committee met on Monday 22nd August to examine the achievement and responses following the highly successful Enderby Village Fete, held on Saturday 30th July.

The committee heard how the event had raised a staggering £1,737 and, after the deduction of expenses to date, the balance in the Enderby Fete Account stood at around £890 – a healthy springboard towards a similar event in 2012.

Discussion also centered around the lessons learned from this first such event in Enderby for over 50 years. Chairman Tilly Greenhill passed on a number of feedback reports she had accumulated since the event took place and overriding the constructive pointers, the general feeling was that everyone had enjoyed the experience.

There was also special recognition of those volunteers who helped out on the day and the work undertaken by committee secretary Tracy Green and treasurer Bob Mackness in the final weeks leading up to the event when things were really ‘hectic’!

Community Action Blaby District worker Darren Walker was also thanked for his contribution and hands-on support throughout the group’s first year. Darren is moving on to other projects and the committee wished him well.

Winding up the final meeting for this first year, Ms.Greenhill announced that the Village Fete Group A.G.M. would be held in Enderby Social Club at 7pm on Thursday October 27th. All Enderby residents are invited to attend and there will be an election to decide officers and committee members.

The new committee will have the job of beginning arrangements for the 2012 Fete including a number of social events with the objective of securing the sustainability of the event on an annual basis.

2012 will present unique challenges as the Fete will inevitably run concurrently with the London Olympics. Perhaps Enderby might stage its own Olympic Games?

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