Enderby ‘Heritage Quiz’

Those attending Enderby Village Fete on Saturday 30th July had the opportunity to take part in a ‘Heritage Quiz’ .

Organised by the Pride In Enderby group and using a supplied map of Enderby as a guide, participants were invited to tour the village and answer questions.

For those who took part, the questions and answers are reproduced below:

Starting off by going down Mill Lane towards the centre of the village:

  1. Where would you find a ‘piece of windmill’?  Answer: 35 Mill lane
  2.  When were Victoria’s cottages built?  Answer: 1890
  3. What was built at the outbreak of World War II?  Answer: The Co-op, 1939
  4. What is the Nag’s Head built of?  Answer: Granite and brick
  5. Who was the architect for Enderby Methodist Church? And what was it previously called? Answer:  J Wills, providence chapel, primitive methodists
  6. Look across the road, where can you see a ‘star of David’?  Answer: Village Institute
  7. What stone creature can you see, set in the wall, at No.5 The Cross?
    Answer:  (could be a lion, dog, etc check with the owners!)
  8. ‘The Old Bank’ is now offices but what Bank did it belong to? Answer: Co-op
  9. Poplar House, No.3 The Cross, was once connected to the Dog and Gun.  Why do you think that might be? Answer: Brew house
  10. Go to the top of the hill, when was the ‘new’ United Reformed Church built? Answer: 1910
  11. What can you apparently see from No.16 Chapel Street? Answer: The village of Croft
  12. People in Conery Lane may once have bred what? Answer: RabbitsGo down Moores Lane
  13. You pass the possible home of a ‘perennial rock star’? Answer: Cliffe House (Cliff Richard)
  14. At the bottom of Moores Lane, what are the 2 names of the church there?
    Answer: Enderby Evangelical Free Church or Enderby Mission Church
  15. At Enderby Hall, why should you shut the gate? Answer: Puppy at large
  16. Who is the vicar of Enderby and what is his telephone number?
    Answer: Jerry Taylor 01455888679
  17. At the old school, how old was Charles Brook when he died? Answer: 59
  18. At what number Blaby Road might the president of the USA live? Answer:  39
  19. What is the name of the Community Garden? Answer: A Place to Grow


  1. Tie Breaker – What is the population of Enderby? Answer: 5648 in 2001 


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