Enderby Facebook group aims to promote sense of community

A new Facebook group page has been set up for those local to Enderby to discuss local issues and give them more of a sense of community and share positive news about what the page owners describe as ‘our little village’.

Although only recently set up by local resident Nick Holt, in its first few days the “All Things Enderby” group already has 430 subscribed members.

At the moment, anyone is welcome to contribute on the group but the group admins say they don’t want to be overrun by ‘business adverts’.

Group Admin Julianna Tame says:

“The group’s aim is for Enderby locals to discuss local issues and get to know one another.

“We hope “All Things Enderby” will act as a positive social media platform for discussion and friendly conversation.”

As local business people themselves they understand the importance of advertising and the admin team say they wish to support local businesses.

To that end they are allowing one advert per business per week in order to uphold the reason for starting the group.

The “All Things Enderby” Group page can be viewed here


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