Enderby Connection asks “What Future for Enderby Library?”

Enderby Connection (Graphic)

February sees publication of the second ‘Enderby Connection‘, the newsletter from Enderby Parish Council.

As part of its on-going drive to aid communication with residents in Enderby, the Parish Council first introduced the new-style newsletter in October 2014 with the intention of releasing an edition every quarter, unless supplemental editions are required to inform on specific issues.

In the second edition, the main item concerns consultation on the future of Enderby Library. The newsletter explains the Council’s position and reports that a survey is to be carried out at the beginning of March. Residents will be invited to spare a few seconds to answer around half a dozen quick questions. Members of the Parish Council will be present at various times and in various points in the village between March 2nd and March 7th.

Please stop and give them your opinion. If you don’t happen to see anyone, please respond to the Parish Council anyway via their contact details;  The Clerk to the Council, Civic Centre, King Street, Enderby, Leicester, LE19 4NT.

Other matters in the second issue include:

Do Something! Don’t Do Nothing! (The Community Defibrillator).
The defibrillator is ready for use in an emergency. It’s fixed location is the wall of the Co-operative Store, Mill Lane.
The first in a series of Councillor profiles
Community Development Projects – updates on the projects under way
Precept 2015-16 – Money the Council needs to function
Local Councils – What do they do?

A .pdf file of the newsletter is available for download here (link on the Parish Council website)

An archive of the newsletters is being compiled here



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