Enderby Co-op – memories of bread and football boots

On 19th March, Arnold Young gave a fascinating talk to the Enderby Heritage Society on the subject of ‘The Enderby Co-op’.

Illustrated by slides supported by personal accounts, Arnold spanned a period between 1868 to the 1950’s, covering from when the Co-op was first opened on the Cross (premises now occupied by Richard Ward Funeral Services).

Stanley Matthews promoted Co-op football boots in Enderby

The presentation included photos of the late Stanley Matthews on the occasion of the great footballer’s visit to Enderby Co-op to promote the ‘CWS Football Boot’ product range.

Many photos were shown of window dressings on the ‘Emporium’ which opened at it’s present location in 1939. Slogans such as “Don’t sentence your bride to a life of hard labour – get her a Hoover” raised a few laughs.

Stuart Buzzard who started work at the Co-op Bakehouse when he was 14yrs old also spoke about his day to day experiences delivering the bread baked in Enderby. Immediately set to work driving the delivery van (without driving lessons!) Stuart worked for 9yrs without a day ‘on the sick’. Bread baked in Enderby was delivered as far afield as Sapcote.

Stuart spoke about the flour being delivered to the Enderby bakehouse from Broughton Astley in coal lorries.

It was an interesting night and a great insight into the Co-op which has been in Enderby for 150yrs.

The next Heritage Society meeting is on 21st May at 7.30pm in the Enderby Civic Centre where Fran Andrews will be talking about Mary Sloan, an Enderby artist. Everyone is welcome, old and new.

For more information contact Elizabeth York on 0116 247 8100 or visit www.enderbyheritage.org.uk

[Photo Source: Football And All That – An Irreverent History, Norman Giller, ISBN 0340835885]

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