Empty homes given new lease of life

emptyhomes5Homes standing empty in Blaby district are being brought back into use with help from the District Council.

Blaby’s environmental health team is helping home owners in Enderby and elsewhere in the area bring their properties back up to decent homes standard by offering advice and support, helping to organise contractors, and provide funding thanks to assistance from the housing team.

Mr Jones* was the previous owner of Arden Drive, in Braunstone, which had stood empty for over twelve years. The front and back gardens were overgrown and the door keys no longer worked in the locks.

With the council’s help Mr Jones was able to sort the house out so it could be put on the market.

He said:

“The council getting in touch made me do what I ought to have done a long time ago. They explained what was required and helped to organise a contractor to clean up the front and back of the house.

“I understand how others in a similar situation must feel; the best thing to do is speak to someone. From my experience the council were very helpful, they let me know what my options were and helped me to organise things.”

The Arden Drive property is now under new ownership and is currently being renovated.

Cllr Guy Jackson
Cllr Guy Jackson: Properties deserve new lease of life…

Council help

Help is also at hand for landlords who have either bought an empty property with the intention to let or own an existing property which has stood empty for at least six months and is in need of repair.

The council can provide an empty homes grant and offer a tenant finding service once refurbishments have taken place.

Councillor Guy Jackson, portfolio holder for Regulatory and Neighbourhood Services said:

“It is important that empty homes in our district are not simply left abandoned so they fall into disrepair, as it has an adverse affect on the neighbours and the community at large. Instead these properties deserve a new lease of life so they are able to provide a home for someone wishing to live in the area.

“The positive results of bringing these properties back into use are endless so I’m delighted to see the council is offering support to home owners and landlords to accomplish this.”


Blaby District Council has a pot of funding available to bring empty properties back into use. The maximum amount of funding available per property is £3,500 for a grant and up to £10,000 (0% interest) loan, subject to inspection by a council officer.

The funding is available to address any disrepair issues at the property and bring the property up to a decent homes standard.

For more information visit www.blaby.gov.uk/emptyhomes, email emptyhomes@blaby.gov.uk or call the grants and loans department on 0116 272 7536.

*not his real name

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