Dogs looking for homes – special appeals

Every now and then a dog comes into rescue that is friendly, healthy and has done nothing wrong, yet seems to be blighted with bad luck.

These poor dogs, whether it be because of breed or age or even colour sit in kennels all over the country for months, watching many other dogs come and go, wondering when their chance will come. For some that day never comes and many end their days still waiting for that special “someone”.

All it takes is for someone to look behind the kennel bars and into the eyes of these poor boys and girls and see the dogs inside. The dogs that long to have a “normal” life again, the dogs that deserve to have a normal, happy life again, and give them a chance.

Please consider these dogs who have been in the care of the Dog Warden service for many months now and see if you could be their “special someone”.

Tippex Tippex is around 4 years old now and has been with us for quite some time.

He is a stunning boy who is very friendly around people but can get very excited and bouncy!!

He has been a working dog in the past so can get very lively when being walked and is a big strong boy so we need a capable new owner for him who is used to handling large dogs and who is ideally experienced with owning hounds.

After so long in kennels he is starting to struggle and is losing his spark.

He did have a trial at a home for a few nights where he settled down very quickly and was impeccably behaved however he was just too strong for his female owner when walking so had to come back. This is a very worthwhile boy who shouldn’t still be in kennels.


HoboHobo came to the dog warden service many months ago after being passed from pillar to post.

At 6 years old this must have been a massive shock to him and made him incredibly withdrawn as he hated the noise and stress of the kennels.

He became so depressed we had to find him a space with a fosterer where he is now in a much smaller kennel block where he can get some peace and quiet.

Although this has improved his quality of life he is still desperate for a home to call his own. We feel that due to his fondness of peace and quiet he would make a great companion for an older person or couple where he can get loads of tlc and some nice steady walks.

Although he gets on well with the other dogs at the foster home he does prefer his own company and is therefore best suited as an only pet.

A very deserving lad who shouldn’t be judged by his looks.


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